3 Recommended Ways To Deal With Your Old Books

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We believe that each home has bookshelves to store books, both new and old books. Even if you have read the old books for many times, you are still having them around because you want to revisit the books, to use the book as the references and to give the books out to family and friends. On the other hands, there will be a time that you want to dispose of some books, like donating the books to deal with the storage limits and avoid more dust. In this point, what you should do is never toss the book. There are still better ways to remove the old books but still get the benefits.

1. Try Book Buyback Services

Book buyback services offer the ability to get rid of old books and still derive benefits; these services buy used books and resell them to low income earners or to industries that recycle papers for various purposes. This remains the most lucrative way of getting rid of used books. The only problem, however, could be finding a reliable vendor who would offer a decent price. Platforms like BookScouter or Amazon are built to solve this problem, as they serve as an extension to connect you, the seller, with reliable vendors.

2. DIY Home Crafts

Another way to do is to take the used books and remove it from the shelf. If your book is outdated and there is no ISBN number, of course, it is not ideal to try to get Book Buyback Services. In fact, you can turn the books into attractive DIY home crafts to amaze your friends and family. Here are some DIY home crafts from the book:

  • A book clockWith a little effort and inexpensive kits, you can start keeping track of time in style by turning your once favorite book into a sophisticated modern day clock; the only problem: Be ready to provide answers on the “how-to” when friends inquire about it.
  • Books lamp standMaybe all you ever wanted is to be unique. Well, consider piling up a bunch of old books in an attractive manner after which a lamp will be mounted on the top. Now you can start illuminating darkness, and uniquely, too.
  • Book safeCreate a new home for your treasures where no one will ever imagine to look for them. Reach for a used textbook (a large textbook will be more effective) and make a neat hollow space within. Afterward, you can neatly place your treasured possessions within and laid back with no worries — who would randomly search for stuff in a textbook?
  • iPhone charging dockHow cool to know that your regular charger can be instantly turned into an amazing doc stand with the help of used books? Without spending a dime, just a little touch here and there, and you have your fancy doc stand.

3. Use Books For Decorations And Fashion

If you think that arts are not what you think of DIY crafts, you can still try some attractive decorations to create from your books. Here are some ideas to try and you can make these projects from the used books:

  • Book picture frameWith your old books, you can turn your memorable moments into a place to explore for your friends and guests. It’s time to use your old books to create new memories.
  • Blackout poetry: Take some pages of your used book. What you will need is to take a pencil and then underline the words or phrases. After that, use the dark ink to strike out the unnecessary words. Continue by assembling the pages in a journal. Alternatively, you can use a smaller book to create the awesome poetry and give it as the best gifts for the people around you. Otherwise, you can hang the poetry on the walls to decorate your home.
  • Paper necklace: Perhaps you have a quote from your favorite author. Consider cutting out the piece neatly. Afterward, enclose them within a beautiful glass pendant. Friends and family will be amazed at your creativity.

What do you always do to deal with your old books? We would be happy to hear your ideas.