25 Most Practical DIY Ideas All Parents Must See

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Do you want to spruce up a room for your kids? Well, this is what you need. We are sure that these projects are great for parents to do with kids.

25. Sneaker Saver

This is what you need if you do not want to hear your kids are crying again when they cannot find their shoes when they want to go somewhere. Just use the old pallets to create a smart storage shelf for their shoe rack. It is great for repurposing and recycling to make sure that the shoes have a great place.

24. Basket Storage

It is the time to clean up the floors from all the mess and move the pieces on the wall. You can use the planter baskets to store some toys. This idea is great because kids can still access their toys yet the space looks well organized.

23. Magnetic Chore Charts

Hang up some fun with these cute trays. Do a little digging at the next yard sale or the local thrift shop to find suitable trays to paint and hang up as chore reminders or bring color to a room. The idea allows kids to hang up their own art in their room or helps out parents by posting notes.

22. Stackable Book Case

Simple and stackable wooden crates make for a great and inexpensive book case. Crates can be handily found at local arts and crafts stores. Paint cheerful colors or go the rustic look and leave unpainted. Kids are sure to love this idea, as much as parents.

21. Car Show

Sick and tired of stepping on those tiny cars that always seem to be lying about? Or maybe your kid has a favorite car? Or you are unbelievably weary of an entire toy box being emptied for the kids to play with?  The solution is ridiculously simple. Simply hang up magnetic strips, usually reserved for hanging knives in the kitchen!

20. Make A Mural

Well, we can say that this project will take a little effort and time to do. Nevertheless, when you try it with your kids, it is the great project to enjoy the time together. Kids are also able to try what they want and parents still have the beautiful art to display.

19. Chalkboard Dresser

This snazzy dresser is something every kid would love. Not only is it a dresser it doubles as a spot kids can draw on! The use of chalkboard paint, makes any old dresser brand new and usable again. The HGTV site indicates this is a weekend project. Surely, it is a project that is appealing in so many different ways.

18. Paper Lanterns

Choose white paper lanterns and adorn with colorful stickers for a charming and whimsical look for a child’s room. The paper lanterns can be found easily online. Colorful lanterns are also available, should you choose to go that route. Little ones gain through identifying the colors.

17. Chalkboard Wall

A chalkboard wall is one of my personal, easy-as-pie favorite DIY project for kids. Children of all ages gain the privilege of scribbling on their own walls. Parents can leave important or loving notes to their kids on the child’s special wall. The project is easily completed.

16. Rain Gutter Bookshelf

This DIY project is useful and it can be a nice addition to all rooms. If you want to make all rooms in your home organized and neat, this is what you need. Kids will also enjoy this project. Still, their books are easy to access.

15. Denim Pockets

This DIY idea can also serve to hold various office supplies when hung near a child’s or teen’s desk.  Or hang these denim pockets at eye-level, so little ones can store their precious trinkets.  In any case, the project is easy and a real winner for kids and parents alike.

14. Cork Walls

Want to lessen the sound that’s blasting from your teen’s room? Or just give a child the joy of being able to pin up their work? Then installing cork walls may be the answer for you. Kids can have a blast, as cork makes for a great addition to any child’s room.

13. Skateboard Shelves

Do you have a skateboard? It is possible to add skateboard shelves. To do so, you can choose some cheap boards from the department store. Other than that, you can scour your neighbor to find the old boards.

12. Mushroom Stools

Add extra sitting space with these absolutely cute and practical mushroom stools. Choose logs and even the surfaces. Glue on a circular pillow and enjoy. Children will appreciate having a spot for friends and parents will truly love the ease of adding extra seating.

11. Clutter-Free Desks

Do you want to make a quick DIY project at home? Well, you can declutter any table through this idea from Better Homes & Gardens. The desk will be the best spot for kids to do their school work, tasks, and award.

10. Re-Purpose Kitchen Tools

Ordinary kitchen tools can be re-purposed and used to increase storage space. Place hooks in rolling pins for hanging items. A muffin tin can hold small trinkets or create a magnet board with a tray. Parents should let their imaginations roam on this pretty project.

9. Back Door Space

Hang a memo board with pegs to create space in a child’s room. This small DIY project helps also to hide added clutter. The project becomes all the more useful with an over-the-door shoe organizer. Kids can store video games, small toys, and more in an organizer.

8. Triangle Shelves

Triangle shelves are stunningly cute and are absolutely an adorable addition to any child’s room. The making of these tiny shelves does require the use of a miter saw. Perhaps a neighbor or friend has one, otherwise a saw can usually be rented or cuts made at the local hardware store.

7. Cork Pegs

This little project is worth ooohs and aaahs, because it is perfect for the nursery or for a toddler’s room. Draw and cut out simple silhouettes in the shape of anything. One idea would be to use the alphabet as shapes to glue to the cork. Parents can use the pegs to hang the next day’s clothing or for simple decorations, as pictured.

6. Re-purpose An Armoire

The Detailed House shared their incredible idea on how to repurpose their armoire. They start by using the old armoire from the Craigslist. Eventually, there are many large items available or free. You only have to refinish the armoire to finalize this project.

5. Reading Nook

Re-purpose a crib mattress to create the perfect reading space for a kid. Make use of colorful crib sheets, suitable for an older child, of course. Throw in a matching pillow and he or she is on their way with a good book. A curtain can be hung from the wall or the ceiling for added privacy.

4. Dress Up Furniture Legs

Dress up furniture pegs with a little paint. Simply purchase new and unpainted furniture pegs from the local hardware store. Then add some color or shapes and bring new life to any kind of furniture in a child’s rooms. Parents get the chance to boldly create with paint, with this project.

3. Pallet Bed

Re-purpose old pallets, add a futon mattress to make a comfortable bed for kids. The project is one that parents will love. If desired, wheels can be added to the bottom of the bed to free up space and for cleaning. Kids will love the comfy fit.

2. Birdhouse Night Light

This absolutely adorable idea makes having a night light cool for kids. Purchase an unpainted birdhouse and hang as is or paint to suit the room. Note that in the picture the cord itself has, in some cases, been painted to match the wall. Insert the night light at the opening of the house in the back.

1. Roll-Away Bookcase

This cute and adorable project is again a real crowd-pleaser for parents and kids alike. Parents need only add wheels to a wooden cube and books are as on-the-go as the kids!