25 Homemade Sprays from Essential Oils

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For all moms, having essential oils in your drawer in a must! I highly recommend it because you can make so many things, including varieties of sprays such as bug sprays, room sprays even makeup sprays. Besides, essential oils many everything possibles which is I don’t need to read the labels. Sometimes I am not sure with the ingredients of natural sprays at the stores. So, I think that would be better if make it on my own and share the recipe with you.

Natural Homemade Sleep Spray

If you have sleep problems, this is perfect for you because it has a relaxing and calming scent. Even you can spray it in the kid’s room. My favorite essential oil is lavender with cedarwood, vetiver and a bit of water. It is less than $3!
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Bug Spray

Summer is horrible because you have to deal with the creepy bugs in your house. Right now you can skip those expensive chemical sprays and replace it with the essential oils. Use citronella, peppermint, lavender, tea tree, and others. They are all effective.
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Homemade Deodorizing Room Spray

So in the moist room such as bathrooms, or any room with pets, you can spray the deodorizing sprays to refresh it. Pick your favorite scent from essential oils and mix it with water.
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 DIY Cat Deterrent Spray

If you are a cat parent, then you must be worried about the furniture as your cat will always scratch its nail on it. You can make your DIY cat deterrent spray to stop them. Use clear dish liquid, lemons and eucalyptus then mix it with water.
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Homemade Cleaning Spray

Making cleaning spray from essential oils? It is also possible! Make it from distilled white vinegar, citrus, essential oils and water. You can use it for cleaning mirrors, bathrooms, windows, countertops and many more.
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Essential Oil Body Spray

Now you can have your desired body spray from essential oils. Mix it with water and other ingredients! It is easy and cheap! Most popular scents are lavender, cedarwood and sandalwood.
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Hair Detangler and Curling Spray

Tired of having tangled hair, then try this detangler and curling spray from vegetable glycerin, essential oils, rosemary, and cedarwood.
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DIY Makeup Setting Spray

Having a long party or you want to stay fresh in the workplace without another “touch up”? You can use this DIY setting spray. Combine it with the vegetable glycerin, assortment, and water to make a super nice scent.
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Disinfecting Spray

When the cold and flu season are coming, you can prevent them with disinfectant sprays. It is less chemical and very safe for kids. Just ix white vinegar, water, lavender, and tea tree essential oils! Germs will go away!
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Homemade Countertop Cleaning Spray

You only need water and your favorite essential oil. It is perfect for cleaning your kitchen and results a nice scent too.
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Fabric Refresher Spray

Sometimes, all you need is just fabric refresher. Mix baking soda with water and add essential oils. Shake the mixture in the bottle and then spray it on your clothes, furniture, and shoes. You can spray it on the curtain too.
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Non-Toxic Fly Spray

Every year, there are times fly attack ruin your house. But you don’t have to use chemicals to get rid of this annoying animal. Use essential oils like basil, peppermint, and rosemary to keep them away. Mix it with vinegar, canola oil and dish soap.
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Ant Spray

Ants are so annoying and difficult to remove from your house. Now you can keep them away with few drops of peppermint oil and hazel. They don’t like it. You can spray it all over the kitchen and everywhere they appear.
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DIY Hairspray

It’s a great thing for finding homemade hair spray recipe. You can mix purified water, essential oil, organic sugar or coconut sugar. I promise you will love the smell.
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Room Spray

This is one of my favorite room sprays! I just need to mix essential oils with water and then you can spray it all over the room. Try different essential oils too!
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Homemade Febreeze

Chemical always puts you in risk. Now you can make your own Febreeze with aloe vera gel, hazel, essential oil, and vegetable glycerin. This last for hours.
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DIY Lice Repellent Spray

Lice are really annoying! You now can make the perfect spray for combating the outbreaks. Combine essential oil and some neem oil. Spray it on your kids’ hair and yours in the morning.
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Mattress Cleaning Spray

Mattress can be the main source of allergens, from dust until bugs. But now you can minimize it by making your own spray with a mixture of vodka and water. Drop essential oils to ad scent and the spray it on your bed anytime you need it.
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DIY Mold spray

Mixing white vinegar and essential oils like lemon can be a powerful thing to get rid of the mold. Don’t forget to add tea tree oil for a powerful benefit.
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Natural Breath Spray

Do you always have a breath problem? Don’t worry! Since the essential oils are made of natural water, they won’t hurt you. You can try the peppermint or spearmint with a bit of water to freshen your breath.
Recipe in Dontmesswithmama

Perfume Spray

Now you can create your own perfume with essential oils. Even you can mix and match the scent. What a cool thing to do!
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Potpourri Spray

A bathroom is a place with the worst smell. The potpourri spray contains detergent and soap to break down smells inside there. Mix the essential oils and other ingredients. Then spray it!
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Smelley Kitchen Spray

The kitchen often brings bad smells due to any kind of things are stored there. But you can fight it with the DIY kitchen spray from peppermint essential oils and distilled water and also hazel. Spray it all around your kitchen and appliances.
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Spray Moisturizer

After having a hot shower, you will have dry skin! To avoid skin dryness, mix grapeseed oil, vegetable glycerin, water, and other essential oils. Spray it to any area you need the most.
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DIY Yoga Mat Cleaner

Doing yoga accompanied by the good smell of mat is perfect. Instead of wiping it down with Lysol wipes, you can try this mat cleaner that is made of essential oils. Spray it on the mat and then clean it.
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