24 Recommended Woodworking Tool Hacks That Help Us Save Money

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Woodworking is a hobby for many, although even the most level-headed of us can occasionally have our patience tested by DIY projects. What’s not so obvious from the finished article is the level of work that went into creating the piece, or the challenges that may have been faced by the person making it.
An astute DIY enthusiast is likely to find or borrow a series of hacks that make the process considerably easier. Some clever tool modification, or substituting an unlikely item to great effect, can come in incredibly handy, especially when you hit a brick wall in attempting to proceed with the next phase of the project.
In the world of DIYing, we’re always in need to some hacks to help us save money, time or effort (or all three!), without compromising on quality or safety, of course. So here are some seriously helpful hacks to implement when you’re working with wood and drills. Don’t have the right size drill bit? No clamp? Need to fill a hole in the wall? All these problems can be solved with these awesome tips.
Here are Recommended Genius Woodworking Tool Hacks To Help Us Save Money:

1. Angle Drill Press Vise

This angle drill press vise that will allow me to drill and mill holes at an angle. As you can see it’s a simple, easy-to-build design. Here you’ll find the downloadable plans.

2. Angle Divider for Perfect Miters

Angle Divider for Perfect Miters DIY WOODWORKING
That is best and simple homemade woodworking tool but very useful. Original Stanley angle dividers can be found on eBay and range in price from around $40 to $200, depending on condition and how much original packaging is included. Phil B Shared a complete guide here, so you can learn step by step to make this tool.

3. Tall Featherboard

Tall Featherboard
This Tall Featherboard can help us to keep tall pieces stable during the cut. Follow his design and instruction.

4. Homemade Corner Clamp

Homemade Corner Clamp
This clamp definitely removes the frustration from holding workpieces at right angles together. Homemade corner clamp fashioned from aluminum angle and a length of square aluminum tubing. Secured with wing nuts for ease of removal. Source.

5. Board Center Gauge Wood Version

Board Center Gauge
Boat builders use to mark center on both sides of boards when splitting them in half.
The grooves will serve as a guide or the saw cut. This is a wood version that you can make it easily. Learn and make it now and, Here the instruction.

6. Edge Banding With Iron-On Veneer Edging

Edge Banding With Iron-On Veneer Edging hack
With this hack you can bend wood easily. Iron-on edge banding is wood veneer with hot-melt adhesive preapplied to the back. You simply hold the edge banding in place, run over it with a household iron to heat the adhesive, let it cool and trim the edges flush. Learn how to do.

7. Right-On Octagons

Right-On Octagons hack
If you’ve ever cut an octagonal piece for a project, you probably “snuck up on it.” You drew the shape, shaved off the corners with a jig-saw, and sanded to the line. Learn here.

8. Homemade Spring Clamps

Homemade Spring Clamps
Simple and fast to make this tool. Can you imagine a series of such clamps to glue a strip under the edges of a table top to add thickness ? Source.

9. Easy Mini Drill Press

Easy Mini Drill Press
This press is strong, accurate and not expensive. Check the tutorial.

10. 3D Print a Rotary Tool Holder

1 woodworking hacks
Designed to hold a Black & Decker RTX 3 rotary tool for stationary grinding,cutting, etc.  A stationary Dremel opens up all sorts of additional possibilities. Source.

11. Wedging Corner Clamps

Wedging Corner Clamps
I love the simplicity of these wedging corner clamps from popular YouTube woodworker Izzy Swan.

12. Router Jig for Dovetailing

Router Jig for Dovetailing
The woodworking site Woodsmith Tips has plans for building this straightforward and fairly easy to construct jig for creating dovetail joints using a hand router.

13. Make a Right-Angle Welding Jiga Right-Angle Welding Jig

Mr. Jalopy shows you how to make an essential bit of welding kit, a corner welding jig. Source.

14. DIY Beading Tool

DIY Beading Tool
You can scribe a decorative bead along a board by simple screwing a wood screw into it so that the head of the screw becomes a scribe for cutting the bead. You can even grind a burr into the head to create a sharper cutting surface.

15. Bowl-Turning Table Saw Jig

Bowl-Turning Table Saw Jig
It’s a great example of how a jig can take a tool in a whole new direction, in this case, allowing you to turn a bowl on a table saw.

16. Homemade Edge Belt Sander Table

This will help you get more use out of belts. Full Tutorials.

17. 8 DIY Hack for woodworkers

In this video you learn how to filling a hole, sharpening blades, drilling a 90° hole, salt glue trick, no-clamp gluing – on top of one another, wax paper cut, makeshift drill bit.