20 Facts About the French We Had to Double-Check to Believe

There are probably a countless number of stereotypes about each country and nation. Some of them are true and some of them are just strange. France and the French are lucky in this aspect, because they are believed to have very positive qualities: elegance, being stylish, and being passionate. Of course, these things are true, but we should all understand that behind every stereotype, there is a rich and deep national character.

We wanted to tell you about the differences between the French and people from other countries.

1. French people kiss when they meet each other and the number of kisses depends on the region

20 Facts About the French We Had to Double-Check to Believe

In France, people kiss each other when they meet, which is very confusing for tourists. The thing is, the more to the south the region they are from is, the more times people kiss. There is even a special website where you can find out how many kisses should be given in a certain region. Usually, the number varies from 1 to 4.

2. Many French people have 3 names on their passport. Also, there is information about their height and eye color.

20 Facts About the French We Had to Double-Check to Believe

In a French passport, you can see not only the person’s first and the last name. Many French people have 3 names. For example, when you meet a French person, they might introduce themselves as Jean. But if you look at their passport, it might say that their name is Jean Michele Paul. Usually, they are named after their godparents — which is where all these names come from. Also, the passports of French citizens have information about their height and their eye color.

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