20 Easy DIY Home Organizing Hacks To De-clutter Your Space

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These organizing ideas will make your life easier to create a clean and neat home. Kids have their own place to store their toys and kitchen utensils have a nice area to store. Here are the best ideas to organize your stuff at home. These DIY projects will take your free time for about 60 minutes or less but worth to try to save your money.

DIY Wrapping Paper Storage

Use a shelf and hang it vertically to store the wrapping paper, Christmas decor, and other events. Besides, you only need a bungee cord to stretch from wall to wall for a storage space.

DIY Old Baby Food Jars

Use the old baby food lids and nail it at the bottom of your cabinets. Use the jars to store tiny items.

DIY Simple Binder Clip

Remove the clutter look to your desk by using this simple binder clip. Screw the clip to make sure that your computer cords look clean and tidy.

DIY Rolling Basket

If you love to sew, knit, or craft any item, this little project is a nice addition to your home.

DIY Freezer Bag Boxes

Free up a bit of space in the pantry by pinning up storage bag boxes. Amazing what a couple of push pins can do, to keep the kitchen neat and orderly.

DIY Dish Rack Art Center

It would be great if your kids have a nice area as their Art Center. You can use an old dish rack to carry their projects. In addition, you can transform the cup holder as the spot to hold their pencils, crayons, and markers.

DIY Cords Organizer

Do you have old toilet paper rolls? Why do not use it as your cord organizer? You can place cords there to use them when you need. Decorate the cords by using the colored tape.

How To Repurpose A Shoe Hangar

This is a door shoe rack to store your ends and odds. This simple project will never make your rooms look clutter. You can place it in the laundry room, nursery, and other areas to organize your things.

DIY Cell Phone Holder

Do you have a lotion bottle? Well, do not throw them away because you can transform it as a nice cell phone holder. Make sure that you place the hangar on the plug, not the prongs.

DIY Necklace/Belt Holder

If you have a piece of wood and clothespins, you can make a handy hangar to store your belts or necklaces. This is what you need to provide a special area for your accessories.

Wine Crate Coffee Table

Vintage wine crates transformed into a chic coffee table is sure to please. Add wheels for ease of movement from place-to-place.

Hidden Storage

Use old book spines glued around a box to create a hidden storage space. It’s a simple project for anyone and one that bibliophiles are sure to love.

Bungee Cord Storage

Bungee cords make great tools for storing many things. As depicted bungee cords store balls of all types easily.

Magnetic Strip For Bobby Pins

Magnetic strips can be cut to size and applied to the back of the medicine cabinet to store bobby pins and more.

Kid Cup Storage

Glue magnets to the backs of a favorite or the kid’s cups for easy and accessible storage.

Hair Tie Holder

Stop scattering hair ties all over the house. Gather them up and place them on it that cost about a buck.

Simple Storage DIY

Most of these great ideas revolve around using trays for storage.

Back-To-Back Desks

Transform a bookcase into a double-desk. A smart idea for parents or for kids.

Back Of Door Shelves

Add shelves to the back of a door to store books, toys, and more. This idea is a great addition to a child’s bedroom or the master suite.