20 DIY Vintage Decor Ideas Start From Flea Markets And Yard Sales

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Just make a nice visit to some flea markets and yard sales near your home. You will only spend a little money to get some interesting stuff to decorate your home with the vintage touch. If you have no ideas about things to do after the purchase, we have some ideas to inspire you.

1. Play With The Color

Buying old items will look good and fresh if you add a little paint. Just spray some items in bold look and check out how it can add more colors to your room.

2. Vintage Candelabras

We think that candles are relaxing. It is reasonable if we love candles. Nevertheless, if you think that your old candle holders have a boring look, it is the time to use the old chandelier. Once you turned it upside down, it will be a nice candelabra.

3. Display Coffee Mugs

As you see here that you can even use the old battery rack just to create a beautiful display of your favorite coffee mugs.

4. Decorate Your Room

The best thing about decorating a room is that you can even fill up the area with the flea market items. Every time you walk around your room, you are like walking in the part. What to do is to stack some old trays, display figurines, display vintage items, and unusual covers and others.

5. Have Fun in the Bathroom

You can even use a large vintage can just to replace the garbage can. Other than that, you can even use the old soda cooler to replace your sink.

6. Organizer

There is a lot of brilliant ways to organize your space so everything looks clean and tidy. For example, you can use the milk bottles, Mason jar, vases, pencil holders, and others.

7. Shutters

Use old shutters to create artistic decoration.

8. Add Shelving

Use old boards to create awesome vintage shelves for books, knickknacks, and more.

9. New Uses for Old Doorknobs

You can find some really beautiful old doorknobs, which can be used as coat hangers, picture holders, curtain hooks, and more.

10. Window Art

Hang old windows as artwork. If you have an old French door, you can hang it sideways, add a few coat hooks, and fill the sections with your favorite photos.

11. Dining Room Décor

Use an old water filter to create a unique accent piece in your dining room.

12. Anything Goes for Candles

You can turn just about anything into a candle holder with a bit of imagination. Try using a meat grinder for an interesting dining table display, or use deep fryer baskets for outdoor luminaries.

13. Playing Games

If you have old board games, they make really cool artwork for your walls, and you don’t have to worry if you are missing any pieces.

14. Kitchen Storage

Use a vintage grocery store scale instead of baskets for storing fruit and bread.

15. Create Storage Space

Old suitcases are great for storing things you aren’t currently using. They can be used for filing, craft supplies, and more.

16. Hang a Bottle Opener

You can have a boring bottle opener sitting in your cutlery drawer, or you can have a cool, vintage opener attached to a wall, or better yet, to a vintage wooden table.

17. Crate Drawers

Place old wooden crates on shelves, and voila, instant drawers for storage.

18. Keep Magazines Neat

Use an old apple-pickers pouch to keep magazines in one place. This is also a great place to keep remote controls.

19. Eliminate Clutter

A vintage tool box is ideal to use as a spice jar rack. Another idea is to use a toolbox as a desk organizer.

20. Play with Old Toys

While many old toys are expensive, damaged ones are pretty cheap. Use old toy trucks as a holder for the TV remote, or turn game pieces into fridge magnets. This is your chance to have fun with your creativity.