19 Delicious Healthy Recipes You Should Try For Weight Loss, Cleansing, And More

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19 Delicious Healthy Recipes You Should Try For Weight Loss, Cleansing, And More

Who says you can’t have chocolate when you’re watching what you eat? You can still get cozy with hot chocolate and a sprinkle of cinnamon on top or a parfait with whipped cream as long as you skip the sugar. You would assume even a heavenly phirni is too sinful to appear on a diabetes-friendly menu, but things aren’t always as they seem. And if you’re a fruit lover, you’re in luck – it’s the easiest and healthiest way to dress up a dessert due to its natural sweetness and fiber content. When adding fruit to your meal plan, choose fruits lower in natural sugars, such as berries, melon, and apples.

If you’re looking to revive yourself from within while increasing your energy level and your overall well-being, a body detox may be in order. Detoxification is the process of eliminating toxic substances from your body. Before beginning any detox diet, it’s always good to check with your doctor, especially if there are any health concerns. We have Collected 19 Easy Natural Detox Recipes For you.

Easy Natural Salt Deodorant Spray

Got sensitive skin? Use Roman Chamomile essential oil. Super stinky? Try Tea Tree essential oil. Follow this steps below. Get Recipe.

Easy Detox Recipe: Carrot And Beetroot Juice With A Spike Of Lemon

This is easy recipe yo can make fast, and take the benefit for your health. Just ending the holiday streak lots of detoxing and cleansing of ones system is necessary. Take a glass first thing in the morning you’re good to go. Get Recipe.

Amazing Recipe Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric and Honey Morning Detox and Healing Drink

This Lemon Ginger Tumeric and Honey Morning Detox and Healing Drink is something that I’ve been making for a year. It’s become a morning ritual. Most often times I drink it warm first thing in the morning, but other times, I would take chilled. Get Recipe.

Easy Missal Pav With Cinnamon Ginger Tea

How to make Easy Missal Pav With Cinnamon Ginger Tea?. Follow These Steps!. Get Recpe.

Natural Detox Water For Flat Tummy

How To Make Detox water for flat tummy? I don’t have a flat tummy but when I visited a friend of mine I saw her making the detox water for flat tummy. I decided to try it out. If you have a big tummy you can try it out. Get recipe.

Easy Liver Cleanse & Detox Salad With Organic Ingredients

How to make Liver Cleanse and Detox Salad with Organic Ingredients ? Clean and Organic Salad for Liver Cleansing & Detox. Support for Lymphatic drainage and Colon cleanse. Get Recipe.

Faldhari Badam ki Barfi (Sugar free): Recipes For Diabetics

Make and serve these delightful sugar-free faldhari barfis this festive season for the goodness of nuts. A delicious festive treat, Faldhari badaam ki barfi has dehydrated fruits and nuts like almonds, pistachios and figs mixed with mawa to make this sugar-free mithai. You can serve this on festive occasions like Diwali and relish without worrying about the health woes. GET RECIPES

Low Fat Dahi Chicken: Best Recipes For Diabetics

Made with yoghurt, garam masala and slit green chillies, this Indian chicken curry is high on proteins, low on carbs and definitely diabetic-friendly. GET RECIPE

Sugar Free Granola: Best Recipes For Diabetics

Healthy with a whole lot of flavour! Whip up this quick and easy sugar-free granola packed with sesame seeds, sunflower seeds, oats just minus the honey. Spruce it up with the goodness of almonds, fresh fruits and yogurt. GET RECIPE

Low Fat Chicken Shawarma: Best Recipes For Diabetics

If you love wraps – and who doesn’t – you will certainly enjoy this wholesome option. Stuffed with pan fried chicken, tomatoes, onions and chillies – you will love this low fat chicken shawarma. Spruce it up with a yogurt-based sauce, and voila! It’s a winner of a dish. GET RECIPE

Kanyakumari Fish Curry Without Oil: Best Recipes For Diabetics

Coconut-y and yummy, this fish curry tastes surprisingly delicious minus the oil. A fish curry made with coconut, tamarind, mild spices and absolutely no oil. Just the perfect dish for those who keeping a tab on their diet. GET RECIPE

Low on fat and oh so delectable, we promise you won’t be disappointed. Once you try this old world classic – French onion soup recipe, you’ll never try another. The classic french soup but this time, it is low fat! All the more reason to savour more. GET RECIPE

Two-In-One-Phirni (Sugar Free): Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

Indulgent! A classic creamy sweet pudding made with rice, milk, almonds, cardamom and a layer of pistas. Flavoured with rose essence and minus the sugar, this recipe is just the right kick when you’re craving something sweet. GET RECIPE

Low Fat Pepper Chicken Dry: Best Recipes For Diabetics

Marinated in pepper and turmeric, enjoy the best of this spicy Andhra-style chicken recipe created specially for the calorie conscious and diabetics. Garnished with whole red chillies, low fat pepper chicken dry is a spicy recipe that will best be served as a side dish on a party menu and loved by all. GET RECIPE

Low Fat Celery Soup: Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

When your stomach starts to rumble, you need a snack that can curb your hunger without blowing your blood sugar. And did you know: 1 large stalk of celery only has 10 calories? GET RECIPE

Sugar Free Rice Pudding: Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

Made with a small stalk of lemongrass, a stick of cinnamon and freshly ground nutmeg, this sugar free rice pudding is our new favourite dessert. Serve with a pineapple ginger compote flavoured with lemon zest. GET RECIPE

Low Fat Butter Chicken: Diabetic-Friendly Recipes

Simple and speedy, this butter chicken recipe is brimming with flavours and shockingly sans the butter. Relish the popular butter chicken without even consuming butter! Cook this for a dinner party paired with a parantha, naan or rice and keep your guests guessing. GET RECIPE

Paleo Detox Drinks For Stress Reduction

There are so many possibilities for combinations of fruits and vegetables, you’ll never get bored. This recipe is one of my new favorites, it combines strawberries, lime, mint, and cucumber to provide a whole range of benefits:

• Strawberries are a great source of polyphenols, helping you burn excess fat
• Lime & cucumber are rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, helping to fight and flush out free radicals which attack healthy cells
• Mint leaves are a well-known appetite suppressant, helping you judge whether that feeling in your stomach really is a sign of hunger or just dehydration. Get recipe.

The Night Time Drinks To Detoxify Liver And Lose Weight

Liver detoxification is a major factor which determines the weight of the body. After all, liver is responsible for several bodily functions including the cleansing of blood, digestion of fat and increasing the metabolic activities of body. However poor dietary choices can lead to slowing down of processes. This is why it is important to detoxify your liver. Detoxification happens best while sleeping because body starts to regenerate and rebuild tissues. Get recipe.