15 Great DIY Office Organization You Can Try Now

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Getting your stuff organized in your office will increase your productivity level. Whether you are working at home or at work, it is important to make sure that your desk is free from clutter. If you want to find the cost-efficient way to organize everything in your office, we have some DIY brilliant ideas to try.

1. The Mason Jars

Never doubt to bring some Mason jars to your office. Even though your boss wondered about your act, it does not a big deal. Once you hot glue together the five ball mason jars, it will amaze your boss. You can transform the unused jars as the little storage for pencils, staples, and other small items.

2. The Binder Clips

What you should do is to clip the binder clips to the side of your desk. It works to hold the USB and cables. Thread the cable through the metal part to make the space neat.

3. Jelly Jar

Screw the lids two inches from another. Otherwise, hot glue the lid.

4. Peg Board

It works to hold small items such as tape and scissors.

5. The Old Shutter

Use the old shutter to hold bills. Use the top half as the inbox while the bottom half is for the outbound bills.

6. Shoe Box

Pin together the shoe boxes by using clips. Store some light papers and books there. Cover the shoe boxes with a wrapping paper.

7. The Magazine Holder

Use new or used magazine holders to your shelf to hold item. After that, paint or cover to match the current decor.

8. The Wall Bracket

Use wall brackets to create nice paper holders.

9. DIY Desk

You can use your old bookcases and old door to a beautiful desk.

10. Drawer Dividers

Create divider in a desk drawer by using cereal boxes covered in wrapping paper.

11. Hidden Desk

Two bookcases with hinges make for a lovely way to hide a desk. The desktop is designed to fold up when the desk is ready to close.

12. Hanging Storage Bins

These hanging storage bins are made from re-purposed disinfecting wipes containers. Hang near or above your office workstation.

13. Re-Purpose An Old Window

An old window can receive new life as a storage space for the office. Hang reminders and use the chalkboard for family reminders. The project can be completed in an afternoon.

14. Mail Sorter

Create a mail sorter with canvas. Those who sew will really love this idea. There are four categories to store bills or use as an in and outbox.

15. Wine Rack Organizer

Re-purpose a wine rack into a beautiful organizer for your desk. Place empty cups into the spots that hold the wine. And use the cabinet above to store extra supplies.