16 Little Stories About the True Power of Love

Sometimes, life produces the kinds of situations and events that no Hollywood scriptwriter could ever dream up. Comical, ambiguous, unpredictable, tragic — life is such a multifaceted thing. But whatever happens, there’s always space for love, kindness, happy occurrences, and simple wonder.

We gathered together 16 powerful stories that will hit you right in the heart.

  • I always thought that only money can bring you happiness, but today my opinion changed forever. My husband was told that his cancer had been completely removed! I cried all day from happiness.
  • Today, I chose the wrong number and accidentally sent my dad a message saying “I love you,“ which was meant for my husband. A few minutes later I got a reply: ”I love you too. Dad.” It was so touching. We say things like that to each other so rarely.
  • I woke up from someone breathing close to my ear. I opened my eyes to see the cutest labrador puppy I’ve ever seen. My parents had remembered my dream from 20 years ago, when I was still a kid. At that time they couldn’t get a dog because of the small size of our apartment and our neighbors. Now that I live alone in a large apartment, they decided to get me a special present.

16 Little Stories About the True Power of Love

  • I could hear my wife wrapping up a present at night. She was doing it quietly and furtively, trying not to wake me. When I woke up in the morning, there was a huge box in front of me…full of socks and pairs of underwear. I was on the verge of getting annoyed when my wife turned on the TV, and I saw that it was now hooked up to an Xbox. She’d bought it for me along with the game FIFA-17. Now I have everything a man needs: socks, underwear, and FIFA-17.
  • I found out that I was pregnant. I phoned my husband, who was in the subway. I told him this was it: he was going to be a father. There was a moment of silence, then I heard him shout, “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD!” followed by the applause of the people in the train.
  • My brother dropped by my room today. He could barely contain his excitement about something. He said to me, “Do you know why you won’t be able to wait for summer 2017?“ I had no idea. Maybe it’s because Wonder Woman or the new Alien movie are coming out then? He replied, ”No! And you’ll never guess the right answer! It’s because there’s going to be a new season of DuckTales!” It turns out Disney are relaunching our favorite show from when we were kids. We were overjoyed. Sam is 25, and I’m 27.
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