15 Ways You’re Destroying Your Garden

Forgoing mulch

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If you’re skipping mulch, you might be setting your garden up for failure. Mulching your garden can reduce weed growth and deter pests that can keep your plants from thriving.

Not shooing away animals

destroying your garden

While it may be cute to see a bunny munching on the veggies in your garden, over time, letting animals take their fill of your plants can have a deleterious effect. In addition to reducing your overall crop yield, letting certain animals roam freely in your garden may put you at risk for harm. For instance, a cat using your garden as a litter box can increase your risk of developing toxoplasmosis, an infection caused by the Toxoplasma gondii parasite, a frequent cause of fatal food-borne illness.

Using the wrong tools

destroying your garden

You might not think there’s much difference between the tools on the shelf of your average garden store, but not being discerning about that purchase could harm your garden in the long run.

“Using the wrong tools could potentially damage your plants,” says Nick Crowley, owner of The Wonderful Garden Company. “Something which we highly recommend is using bronze garden tools as they are much less damaging to your garden and offer many benefits. Bronze or copper garden tools help to prevent infection of plants, enrich your soil with trace elements, deter slugs and snails, ionize surface water, and help to alkalize the substrate. These are all benefits which you don’t necessarily see from regular garden tools, which could be harming your garden.”

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