15 Things We Know About the 2020 Chevy Camaro Heritage Edition

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Chevrolet has managed to stay ahead of its competition for over 100 years. The brand reached its iconic status in the late ’50s with models such as Corvette, ’55 Bel Air, and Two-Ten Convertible. In 2020 Chevrolet strikes again with the all-new 2020 Chevy Camaro Heritage Edition. Only 90 will be sold, and they’re exclusive to the Japanese market.

The Camaro first launched in 1967 to challenge the Ford Mustang. In 2002 the Camaro disappeared but then came back in 2010. Fast forward to our time, we’re looking at the vehicle that resembles the first-generation Camaro.

Right off the bat, you can notice an exclusive paint. The brand hasn’t released the interior design yet, but we already know its mechanical modifications. The Heritage is going to be released somewhere in summer 2020, Chevrolet is already taking orders. Here are 15 things we know about the 2020 Chevy Camaro Heritage Edition.

Authentic Rally Green Metallic Paint With White Stripes

All Heritage cars will have recognizable paint with white hood stripes. We have already seen this color on the original Chevrolet Camaro launched in 1967. However, this Rally Green Metallic is deeper than the one its ancestors had. White stripes and other color accents complement the green color.

Carefully Considered Styling Tweaks

The Heritage will have a flat back on the mirror cap, the iconic body line on the lower part of the door and the low-sitting roof. As we keep moving to the back of the car, the eye catches a three-stanchion spoiler. The design also includes a huge grille opening to move air towards the engine.

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