15 Stunning Examples of Street Art So Awesome They Will Freak Your Mind

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The term street artist may not sound a very lucrative or impressive on the surface but in countries around the world including the USA, Street art is a serious and professional business. If you check out these images below that have been created on streets, they take you to another dimension because of the spectacular and multidimensional aspect of their artworks. These have been created by gifted and creative artists and are outstanding examples of spectacular street art that transcends the borders of reality and imagination. These works of street art will simply blow your mind.

1 Washington DC, USA

Douglas Hoekzema is a Miami based artist who specialized in kaleidoscope images of murals and street art. This image has been created on a building at the PowWow art festival in Washington.

Washington DC, USA

Image Source: www.itvnet.lv

2 Bergen, Norway

The image is by AFK is an artist working under the acronym of AFK in Bergen Norway. His works are attracting popular attention for their pop-art style.

Bergen, Norway

Image Source: www.brightside.me

3 San Pablo del Monte, Mexico

This fantastic vivid mural has been done by street artist Hesiucka Jolubacku Asf

San Pablo del Monte, Mexico

Image Source: www.milliyet.com.tr

4 XAV, Spain

XAV is a Spanish Graffiti and tattoo artist from Grijon Asturias in North western Spain. He is popular for his 3-D murals.

XAV, Spain

Image Source: www.pinimg.com

5 Anderlecht, Belgium

Bart Smeets popularly known by his artistic name Smates is a Belgian artist well known for his photorealistic portraits and landscapes.

Anderlecht, Belgium

Image Source: www.brightside.me

6 Paris, France

Astro is a growing realistic artists from Paris famous for his graffiti and murals

Paris, France

Image Source: www.blazepress.com

7 Spain

Julio Cesar Morales is a famous artist and muralist well known for his works on photography and painting.

Julio Cesar Morales

Image Source: www.brightside.me

8 Poland

Poland Natalia Rak from Poland is a street artist with a fine art degree from Lodz. She is well known for her female figure in a dream like state.

Natalia Rak  Street art Poland

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

9 Lugano, Switzerland

This image has been created by an artist couple Christian Rebeechi and Paolo Togni known for their vibrant colors and Aquatic images.


Lugano Switzerland Street art

Image Source: www.cloudfront.net

10 Lisbon, Portugal

Andrea Tarli is another reputed street artist from Italy whose murals can be seen in the streets of Lisbon, Portugal.

Andrea Tarli street art

Image Source: www.brightside.me

11 Berlin, Germany

3D art murals are a growing trend which makes the image appear almost life like such as this deviant art in Berlin by artist MoloKuele.

3D art murals Berlin Germany

Image Source: www.deviantart.net

12 Montreal, Canada

Julian Malland is a globally recognized street artist working under the name Seth Globe Painter. He is popular for his global expressionism and character murals.

Julian Malland Street art Montreal Canada

Image Source: www.good-post.ru

13 Long Beach California, USA

Another fantastic mural painted o the side of the Mark Schneider Fine Jewelry showroom in Long Beach California. The stunning mural was created by mural artists Telmo Pieper and Miel Krutzmann (Telmo Miel) from Rotterdam, Holland.

Long Beach California USA Street art

Image Source: www.finaloutlines.com

14 Buenos Aires, Argentina

Martin Ron is an Argentinean mural street artist specializing in the creation of large inspiring murals that can be seen all around Buenos Aires.

Buenos Aires street art Argentina

Image Source: www.baoxaydung.com.vn

15 Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico

This has been created by American artist John Pugh well known for his three dimensional street art murals.

Ecatepec de Morelos street art Mexico

Image Source: www.brightside.me