15 Rock Climbing Hacks To Get Faster On A Journey

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We consider to put together some tips and hacks we have learned from others for over the years and some more valuable tips from the heat setter at the Brooklyn Boulders. We hope that the tricks below are helpful makes you get faster and better on your climbing journeys.

1. Funky Shoes

It really depends on the individual and the shoe that moisture can make the climbing shoes have the strong odor. The best way to avoid it is to make sure you take them off in between the climbs and then dry them as soon as possible after the climbing session. You can use a hair dryer to dry out any moisture, add cedar chips, baking soda, baby powder, or gold bond.
1. Funky Shoes

2. Shower In Your Shoes

If your shoes have a slight curl but you are able to stand on your toes, the shoes are uncomfortable but not painful. If your toes are crossing or curling, you should find a bigger size. The trick is showering your shoes with you. Warm water in the shower helps stretch the shoes out.
2. Shower In Your Shoes

3. Chalk Your Arms

People who boulder even do not wear chalk bags on their waist since they love to use a large chalk bucket and then leave it on the mat. If you sweat much, halfway up the climb, the chalk may dissolve on your hands. The trick is to put more extra chalk on your forearms so when you need it, you can transfer it easily to your hands. If you think that the height really scared you while you are climbing, chalk your forearms are less scary so you do not have to reach behind to get your chalk bag.

4. Take Care Of Your Hands

Climbing means you put a lot of stress on your hands. Your hands will struggle more especially in any places you would not normally for everyday activities. Commonly, climbers tape their fingers or wrists. This is important when their hands getting beat up or their skin is getting torn. Chatting with other climbers are great to learn different ways on how to do this. In addition, using an ointment on your hands after climbing can heal the matter quicker. The most important way to take care of your hands is to know when you should rest.
4. Take Care Of Your Hands

5. Climbing Jeans for Spontaneous Trips

Boulder Jeans are great to wear. The Jeans is the perfect outfit especially if you make a sudden trip to the gym. The jeans are comfortable, stretchy and chalk that you can wipe off of it easily. The huge pockets are great for climbers.

Rock Climbing Etiquette

Starting climbing at the gym means that you should know the right etiquette. Here are the helpful things to do when the gym is busy. These are the rules, so keep in mind.

6. Avoid Becoming A Spraylord

Climbing is also figuring out each problem. You should not yell at people if they do not ask you. If you want to offer guidance to someone who have to deal with the problems and they struggle for that, it is better to ask them whether they want it first or not.

7. Spot or Not

Spotting is the common practice and it depends on the person you ask or the location you are. It can or cannot be the common indoors. It is better to spot someone if asked. Otherwise, it is better not to spot to prevent from more injury.

8. Brush Your Hold

Commonly, people brush the holds while they are dealing with the problem. It is also nice to brush them  to let the next person to climb. When you go to the gym and after using the equipment, it is better to wipe it down so the next person can use it. This is not a common practice. It is courteous. Wipe the holds if you sweat a lot.

9. Be Aware and Mindful

New climbers always have this common mistake. When the gym is busy, they get on the wall and try a move over and over. They do not care the crowd  of people waiting to try the same thing. We think it is better to try once or twice and then step back so others have the chance to go for it.
If you want to work on the problem but someone is still on there and they almost have it, it is nice to see them finishing up.

10. Stand Away From The Walls And Check Your Bottle and Bags

Be aware of the spots people are climbing since they have a chance to fall. Make sure that your surroundings are clear. Many people hurt themselves after landing on the water bottles or tripping over the chalk bags. Make sure that you are landing on the clear area.
How To Improve Your Rock Climbing Skill

How To Improve Your Rock Climbing Skill

11. Something Different to Try

Climbing is frustrating sometimes especially if you see no progress. If you can do flash all V3s for example but stuck for V4s. It is good to always try focusing on climbing the rating ladder. Somehow, you have more concern on climbing the next level so it discouraged you and hindered you to get better. If you see no progress, it is better to change what you are doing. Change the types of the climbs or even play climbing exercises and games.

12. Know When To Break

Sore in your fingers, fatigued attack you because of any problems, or others means you should break or try to mix it up with different styles or types of climbs. When you are about climbing, the risk of injury may happen, especially if you push yourself out of your limit and ability. The best thing is to let it rest so you do not risk serious injury. Well, we do not say you must stop climbing. You understand yourself well, so it depends on the severity of your injury. Besides, it is important to stay hydrated and start stretching. If you are injured, it is better to consult a doctor.

13. Top Rope For Your Stamina

Bouldering more than rope climbing sounds great but it is like comparing sprint vs. marathon. You may learn technique better through bouldering, but the case is different when it comes to stamina. If you want to try bouldering and you cannot tolerate the idea, it is better to start o ropes. Rope is there to catch you and that makes you comfortable and less soul-crushing.

14. A Climbing Comp

Mostly, gyms hold comps for all skill levels. If you never enter one, it is the time to plan on trying it. It offers unique experience since everyone goes in the same climbs for the first time.

15. Friends Everywhere

The best part of climbing is to workshop a problem together with other climbers. Climbing is so much interesting since people approach their problem differently.