15 Powerful Ways To Add Privacy To Your Backyard

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Do you want to create a hidden sanctuary in the backyard? These solutions are simple and quick we recommend you to try!

1. Raised Beds

This is your favorite plants and makes sure that you grow them in the berms or raised beds. By mounding the soil this way, you will love that the yard is more secluded. It is because you are adding a foot or even two to the height of the plants. Besides, the medium-size plants are perfect at the eye-level.
Berms or raised beds are also great choices especially if you are dealing with rocky, clay, and poor soil.

2. The Paradise

If you do not work too much to make your yard is like private heaven, it is good to start from one corner and then transform it as the secluded paradise as the gateway. This is the simple way to do and then carefully, you can add a couple of trees to make a pocket. For example, by adding two pines, you can make the best place for your hammock. The redbud behind the hammock really makes an effect too.

3. Lattice

If you think fencing the yard is not a good option, you can try to add lattice. This is the ideal way to create your privacy. It allows people to enjoy the yard without getting too close too much. Besides, the simple lattice fence is the perfect way to climb roses or vines. Lattice panels are the less expensive compared to a traditional fence to build. Therefore, it helps you save more money.

4. Grow In Layers

What is your goal to create a sheltered yard? Most people have the goal to block the views of their neighbors. Well, if you have the same plan, you should make more secluded yard such as layering plantings. This is the ideal way to create pockets so they cannot even see your house or the part of your yard. This way makes you feel like you are getting away without doing the real way to get away.

5. A Hedge

Planting a hedge is what you can do if you want to build a green wall. The evergreen varieties are available in many options. Here, you should buy one that can provide the beautiful screening all the year. Alternatively, it is good to pick types that can lose their leaves during winter. You still can make up for it by adding a show with other attractive flowers of fall colors.
Remember, before doing this, you should choose a variety that can adapt to your climate and the matures at the height and width are ideal as you want.

6. The Interesting Materials

Make your privacy looks beautiful such as adding the unexpected element to your yard. At this point, it is good to build a fence made of the ordinary materials just to decorate a fence with the architectural details. You can even try to use plexiglass as the image below to stop other people from peering. Besides, it allows the lights to pass and create beautiful textures.

7. Mix It Up

There is no rule to say that you need to take one strategy just to build your yard as your private place. Therefore, it is all about making your landscape is more exciting. To do so, you can add two or three types of screens.
Adding an attractive fence with the low hedge looks great for the patio. It looks more perfect with the addition of the large tree adds shade and blocks the view of the patio.

8. Reach Up

There are many ways to use vines to make a beautiful garden. What you should do is to plant a climber. It will cover the fence and then decorate the wall, over the pergola or even the travel wires to give a beautiful screen in a splendid direction.

9. Containers

We also suggest you create privacy with big container gardens in a bold look. It works if you only have a small open space such as a patio or a deck. Besides, you can find any containers or plants to create any landscaping style. The large containers from metal can create a modern look.

10. Structures

We are sure that your property, especially the structures, can help to make nice privacy for you. For example, the outdoor living space next to your garage is a great way to start. You can use the walls to block the views from the neighbors. Alternatively, site a patio that can block the view of your neighbors.

11. A Tree

It is also effective and even inexpensive to block a view by planting a single tree. For example, you can use Golden Locus or Robinia Frisia that offers double function. First, it can shield the yard. Second, it is the amazing focal point.

12. Fence

We have to say that fences sometimes have a dull or cold look. It is not the end of your life. In fact, it is easy to add a brand new life to your fence. For example, you can decorate it with the easy-care annual, shrubs or perennials. It is good to add extra-tall perennials that can grow above the fence to create a beautiful screening.

13. Plant through the Yard

Planting trees or shrubs around the perimeter of your yard is good but there is a better way to do it. We recommend you to plant trees and shrub throughout the yard. This way will create a more effective screening.
If you have a small and limited yard, it does not a big deal. You can use columnar varieties. They can grow tall and most of them can stay with 10 feet wide minimum.

14. Make It Simple

Who says that your fence should go around the perimeter of the yard? Eventually, you can add a panel or two depends on your need. This is good to save your money.
If you think that this way will only create a strange look to your yard, do a little trick like painting the fence, adding window boxes, adding a small tree, and shrub, and others.

15. Sounds

It is not all about the sense of sight when it comes to privacy. You can even do something like installing a stream, fountain, and water feature to create bothersome sounds.