15 Popular Hikes To Enjoy The Views of Mt. Hood

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You may see the mountain in most photographs, paintings, and films. The mountain is so popular with 11,250 feet of elevation gain. If you have a perfect weekend for wilderness getaway, we give you the list here.

1. Mirror Lake

The crystal clear water of the lake and the short distance is everything. The trailhead is easy to access and the photos are unbeatable.
Pack list:
Water, snacks, camera, and gear
The place is good for a beginner. The best season to visit is in summer, autumn, and spring. Things to do here are photography and hiking.

2. Tom, Dick, and Harry Mountain

There are many things to do here such as chilling, photography, and camping. Other great things to do are swimming, backpacking, hiking, and snowshoeing. The place also welcomes beginner hikers. We recommend you to visit the place in summer, spring, and autumn.
Pack list:
Water, boots, map, and picnic supplies

3. Mount Defiance, OR

It is not easy to enjoy the trek and reach the summit of the Mount Defiance. The views are the best award. The hike is also the favorite option for athletes and marathoners.
Pack list:
Water and a snack or meal for the summit, cellphone, first aid kit, camera, food, flashlight, sturdy shoes, a map of the trail, and compass
The place is for the advanced hikers to visit in spring, autumn, and summer. The loop trail offers 12 miles of distance and 4870 feet of elevation gain. Once you arrived, do anything you want such as fitness, hiking, backpacking, running, photography, and camping.

4. Jonsrud Viewpoint

Chilling and photography are great things to do here. You can visit the place at any time of the season. Eventually, the area is great for beginners.
Pack list:
DSLR Camera, tripod, family or friends

5. Lower Macleay Park to Pittock Mansion

With one of the best views of Mount Hood, you have two things to do here. First, visit one of the historic landmarks in the city. Second, see the high point of the state.
Pack list:
Sturdy walking shoes, water or snacks, camera or phone for photos
The place offers 5.3 miles of distance and 950 feet of elevation gain. The place is also good for hiking and photography, even beginner can try. The out-and-back trail condition makes it perfect to visit in any time of the year.

6. Burn Lake

We admit that it is one of the adorable lakeside camping areas around Mt. Hood National Forest. The views will not disappoint you. If you take the longer hike, you will find the more beautiful views of the mountain.
Pack list:
Backcountry permits, water, food, tent, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, backpack, hiking boots, camera
At 14 miles of distance with an out-and-back trail, the area is great to visit in spring, summer, and autumn. The place welcomes intermediate hikers to do some great things like hiking, backpacking, photography, and camping.

7. Mount Tabor Park

Hidden from the city streets of Portland, the park is another option to escape from the busy work. Hike through the dirt trails and you will find the best views of Hood.
Chilling, photography, fitness, and running are great activities to do in this place. You can visit the place at any time of the year. Even if you have no skill or experience in hiking, the trail offers beautiful views and provides easy access.
Pack list:
Camera, light snack, extra clothes, and tripod

8. Elk Meadows

For the first-time backpacker, the place is a fantastic trip with the quiet and peaceful Elk Meadows. You will enjoy the beautiful forests and streams.
Pack list:
Backpacking gear, trekking poles, bug spray, water bottle, and filter, camera
4.5 miles with 1200 feet of elevation gain still make the trail is great to visit especially for beginners. You can do photography, backpacking, camping, and hiking, as well. An out-and-back trail in this place makes it best to visit in summer.

9. Paradise Park

The loop trail, together with 12 miles of distance and 2300 feet of elevation gain even makes this place is still good for intermediate hikers. You can visit the area at any time of the year with some activities such as hiking and photography.
Pack list:
2.5 to 3-liter pp of water, hiking boots, poles, snacks or lunch, camera

10. Trillium Lake

Beginners should visit this place, especially during autumn, summer, or spring. There are many interesting things to do such as hiking, swimming, photography, camping, and chilling!
Pack list:
A DSLR camera, tripod, tent, sleeping back, kayak, hammock, snacks, firewood, S’mores ingredients, family and friends

11. McNeil Point

10.5 miles of distance, 2200 feet of elevation gain, and an out-and-back trail in this place makes it good for intermediate hikers to visit. The best time to go to this place is during autumn or summer. Great things to do here are photography, camping, hiking, and backpacking.
Pack list:
Daypack, water, snacks, hiking boots, camera, and backpacking gear

12. Cooper Spur

The adventure will make you so close to Oregon’s highest peak. It leads you to the summit of Hood if you take the long trek.
Pack list:
Daypack, 2-liter water, cell phone, camera, first aid kit, food, flashlight, sturdy shoes, a map of the trail, compass, light jacket, trekking poles
Running, hiking, and photography is several things to do in this place, especially in autumn and summer. The place is also great for intermediate hikers.

13. Mt. Hood’s White River

4 miles of distance along with 800 feet of elevation gain makes this place is worth to visit. An out-and-back trail is the best offer, especially for beginners. Besides, photography and snowshoeing make your time is great to spend.
Pack list:
Snowshoes or cross-country skis, poles with snow baskets, camera, sunscreen, snow-park permit, water, and 10 essentials

14. Timothy Lake

Chilling, camping, photography, swimming and fishing are the best things to do. The place is great even for beginners to visit in spring, summer, or autumn.
Pack list:
Swimsuit, camping gear, fishing gear, hiking gear, camera

15. Rocky Butte

This is the last place to recommend. Photography is the best thing to do here. Beginners can visit the area at any time of the year. Take this as your morning adventure and have a coffee in your hand with the camera to take more pictures.
Pack list:
Camera, flashlight or headlamp, jacket, beanie, blanket, and thermos