15 Most Favorite Hacks For The Beach And Pool Party

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Do you have a small problem that is ready to make your beach time is terrible? Well, you still have some hacks to deal with the problems. What you should do is to find the solution. Here, we provide you the best solutions for your summer woes at the beach or the pool.

1. Fashion a Cheap Beach Locker

Forget about buying a beach locker or paying a mermaid half your life savings to watch your valuables at the beach. (Don’t pay a mermaid to do this; they’re very untrustworthy, not to mention fictional. You’ll get ripped off every time.) Instead, try for DIY your protection with common or cheap household items.
Finally, finish off that jumbo sunscreen bottle from Costco? Clean it out and rig it into storage for your keys, cell phone, and money clip. Unless they’re extremely fair skinned, thieves aren’t likely to try and steal sunscreen. For things thieves definitely won’t touch, try wrapping your valuables in a disposable diaper or putting them in a tampon box (guaranteed to make male thieves abandon your bag post haste!).

2. Create Your Own Waterproof Bag

We agree that you should not pay top dollar to get a waterproofed bag for the afternoon time to you have spent playing with the melted wax. Your DIY waxed bag has the same result as the expensive waxed bag.
To make a DIY waterproof bag, you will need a double boiler, wax, an old pillowcase, a paintbrush, wash, a bag, and a dryer. After that, use the double boiler to melt the wax and brush it over the entire bag. After that, tie your bag up in a pillowcase and then toss it in the dryer for 30 minutes.

3. Speed Up Sand Removal

Baby powder isn’t just for baby’s bums, no matter what the packaging tells you. True, it can help kill some of the funky foot smell from your favorite shoes, but it’s also a beach bag essential. Ready to head inside but feel like your hands are covered in sand-gloves? Shake out a little baby powder and use it to brush off the sand. Not only will you be sand-free but you’ll also be baby-scented!

4. Re-sealable Phone Protection

For those that aren’t still rocking the near-indestructible, we-laugh-in-the-face-of-danger flip phone, try putting your phone in a sealable plastic bag. You won’t have to worry as much about sand or water, plus you can still use the touchscreen through the bag.

5. Weigh Down Your Beach Towel

You don’t want to spend prime sun-bathing time trying to make yourself into the perfect starfish so your towel doesn’t flip up. Instead of keeping your hands and feet glued to the corners, try sewing pockets onto each corner. Tuck shoes, books, water bottles, sunscreen, etc. into the corners to weigh them down and keep your towel from flipping up and flicking you with sand. Now you can lay like a starfish because you want to, not because you have to.

6. Cool the Burn

Aloe gels are perfect and soothing sunburn relief. To improve upon perfection, pop your bottle of aloe into the fridge before you go to the pool or beach. The cool temperature increases the relief.
Whatever you do, make sure you’re using aloe gel, not some moisturizing lotion with aloe. The lotion will only trap the heat from a burn, prolonging your pain instead of relieving it.

7. Iced Tea to the Rescue

Use your favorite beverage—well, if black tea or earl grey is your favorite beverage—to relieve sunburn. Just steep a few bags in water, soak a rag or shirt in the tea, and apply the rag to your poor, lobster-red skin.

8. Pee Is Not for Pain Relief

That “Friends” episode was hilarious, but it shouldn’t be taken as a medical absolute. You’re actually NOT supposed to urinate on a jellyfish sting. (Hilarious as your friends’ reactions might be.) Instead, scrap off the tentacle (if it clings) with sand and sea water (not fresh water!), then use vinegar or a baking soda/sea water paste to deactivate stingers (depending on the type of jellyfish).

9. Hack a Tattoo

Want a temporary tattoo that doesn’t require you to hold a wet piece of paper to your arm? Try using a sticker for a suntan tattoo. Pick up a store-bought sticker in a fun shape, or make your own with bandage tape. Then catch some rays and watch the skin around the sticker get a golden tan, while the skin underneath keeps its winter color.

10. Broken Flip Flop Remedy

You still have the quick fix to deal with the rest of the day, which are the bread clips.  You can use these little clips to keep your bread fresh. What you need is to clip them above the wide end of the thong. It makes your flip-flopping because it is bigger than the hole.

11. Make Your Own Giant Tote

Need an extra-large tote for your pool games, beach toys, inflatables or boogie boards? Don’t bother shopping for a big (expensive) bag to fit your needs. Instead, repurpose an old patio furniture cover. Furniture covers are strong, durable, waterproof and easy to clean: perfect for an oversized beach bag. Just add a strap or handles to a cushion cover and you’re set to go.

12. Highlight with Citrus

Classics are classic for a reason. Lemon juice as a natural highlighter has been a summer staple for years because it works. Just comb some lemon juice through your hair and let the sun do the rest. (However, the acid can make your hair more susceptible to damage, so you may want to combine it with a little hair sunscreen.)

13. Edible Lip Stain? Oh Yeah!

Before you mix up that batch of Kool-Aid, use a little of the powder as a lip stain. Kool-Aid is the perfect summer lip stain: tasty and long lasting! It’s simple too, just lick your finger, dab it in your powder of choice, rub over lips, then go over your lips with a damp cotton swab to even out the stain and get rid of clumps. A variety of flavors means a variety of colors.

14. Blow Away Ear Clogs

Ears clogged from swimming? Inflate a balloon. No, really, it’s that simple. Keep a balloon handy and inflate it a few times after each dip. If your ears still feel like they need to pop, try plugging your nose while you blow up the balloon.

15. Summer Steering Wheel Trick

If you are tired of playing any hot potato with the steering wheel, it is the time to turn the steering wheel upside down when you want to park at the pool or the beach. It will heat the bottom of the wheel. On the other hands, the top is still protected from the rays. What you should do is to straighten the wheel with the cooler grip.