15 Games And Exercises For Rock Climbers To Level Up

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Well, we do not mind if you think that we are hardcore about climbing. What we think is that we really enjoy going the climbing gym during the work break. If we are not traveling or out on the local outdoors for a little adventure, we love to spend most of our time at home or at Portland Rock Gym. Our goal was to start clmbing V5-6s and we did it!
It is unbelievable when we thought doing V1s and V2s were impossible but soon we were climbing for V2s and then V3s. It was amazing if you made progress but seeing the plateau could be frustrating. So, if you want some exercises, games, and new ways to do the same climbs to keep things fresh and to help you push through the pleatau phases, here we share ours.
Ways to Improve Strength and Technique

Ways to Improve Strength and Technique

It is good to hang for five seconds then rest for five when this is on Rock Rings, a finger board, or a solid door frame. Do this for a minute.
Do this and it works on the core. To start, go in a push-up position with your hands close together and extend them for about 10 inches from your head. Bend your elbows outwards once you start push-up.
The focus is on the strength of your grip and forearm. Lie on your stomach and then extend your arms straight in front of you. Next, grab your front legs of a chair. Life the chair 5 inches off the ground, upward. Keep your elbows on the ground since it is the pivot point and then hold the chair int he air for 1 minute. Do this for three set of 15 seconds with heavier chair.
The huge matter in climbing is to pulling strength. If you cannot do pull up yet, it is better to work on this with no weights. If you can do that, start doing them with the weight. Four sets of 10 is a nice place to start.
It is all about 40-degree of board with the specific hold layout. Set the problems based on the app, that is marked with the magnetic pins to show you what is on. After that, work on the same ones. You will be able to set your problems and learn to build one.
Ways to Improve Strength and Technique
For this one, you can do it in the long session. Otherwise, do it in multiple sessions. To start, set your project. It should be on the top of your pyramid. You can work backwards, have the base of 8 problem, and 4, and then 2, and then 1 being your project. For instance, you are working no the V4 so you have 8 V1s, 4 V2s, 1V4, and 2 V3s. Since it is about the long term strategy, you should work your way through the list and make sure you can do them all. After that, you can start the new pyramid for your new project.
For the single session, you can work up half of the pyramid and then back down to the other side. Once you have done with your best effort on your project, you will work your way back down again.
You should make the first move of the problem before reserving to the start. Stay on the wall and do the first to moves. After that, climb back to the start. Repeat until you can reach the top.
You can pick five to ten climbs that you know you can do. After that, climb through all of them with no break in between and take 15 to 20-minute break and repeat. You can do the circuit at PRG with 10 problems rated between V0 to V4.
9. 4×4
Pick four routes you know you can handle. Commonly, two levels down from what you think you can climb. Do each climb 4 times with one-minute break in between.
Most gyms are available with the traverse route built in. It is also a great way to work on endurance and technique. If the traverse wall is short, you should go back and forth.
List Of Games To Improve Climbing Skills 

List Of Games To Improve Climbing Skills

If you want to play this, you should have a partner. It is best to play with someone who has more experience in climbing capability. The idea is about using a pointer, here we recommend a laser pointer to point out the next move to the person on the wall. Simply, use the laser to tell them where they should land their hands next.
You can start with a sequence of three to five moves. For the first player, this person will do the sequence and adds a move. After that, the next person should do the sequence with the additional move and adds another. Continue taking the turns until you are completely tired and exhausted.
To do this one, you will need to find the right route. The idea is about how to climb an easier problem but with one foot or one arm. This is important so you can concern more on positioning and dead-point ability (The quick moment of weightlessness so you have to make a move to the next hold)
If you have a big group of climber, this game is so interesting to play. Start by picking a set amount of time. We recommend 10 seconds as the best. See how many holds to reach in that time. Continue through the group with the goal to beat the best record. The person at the bottom of the record should out and continue until there is one person left.
It is interesting to start. At first, pick the route or the problem to work on with the more moves are better. Each person should take the turns repeating the problem. After each turn, select a hold to eliminate. The winner is the one who stumps everyone but still prove that it is possible to do.
Have you tried rock climbing or bouldering? Have you tried these two things? If you have not climbed, are you ready to try it in the end of the year?
List Of Games To Improve Climbing Skills