15 Figures From History That Might Have Been Aliens

Modern cultures owe quite a bit to the earliest civilizations that existed on this planet after millions of years of human evolution. We can trace our progress throughout the ages from being simple hunter-gatherers to developing agriculture, establishing societies, domesticating animals, and continually advancing to the modern world we have today. Each civilization that came before has contributed to that advancement with new ideas, new philosophies, and new inventions. However, if we look at some of the earliest of these civilizations, we find they had an understanding of advanced ideas and knowledge that were then lost for millennia. Why? How did they come by this knowledge? In fact, where did these advanced ancient civilizations come from themselves?

These ancient civilizations all possessed a degree of advancement that bordered on unbelievable for the period. Ancient writings and illustrations by these cultures depict phenomenal descriptions of flying machines and superior scientific knowledge. They had an advanced understanding of astronomy, and managed to construct incredible cities using engineering techniques and precision that wouldn’t be seen again for thousands of years. Their writings also tell of their founders and kings being from elsewhere, having descended from the heavens. This is usually translated as being god-like, divinely ordained to rule. However, what if this is actually more literal, in that actual extraterrestrial beings came to this planet all those years ago to foster the advancement of civilization? That’s what many legends tell us. What follows are fifteen examples of historical people and, possibly cultures, that might not be entirely of this planet.


In 1869, an immense stone head was found that was traced to an ancient advanced civilization that could be the oldest in Mesoamerican history. Called Olmecs by archaeologists, some believe they could date back to circa 3000 BCE (that’s 5,000 years ago). We know they were engineers, farmers, and artisans, but we don’t know from where they originated. The Olmecs held many principles to be true, such as a 365-day calendar, and another Sacred Calendar consisting of 260 days. The two calendars are depicted as wheels meshing together that coincide together once every 52 years. Interestingly enough, 52 is the Sacred Number of the Winged Serpent god (whom the Maya later called Kukulkan, and the Aztecs subsequently called Quetzalcoatl). Coincidentally, the ancient Egyptians consider the number 52 to be the sacred number of Thoth, god of science and the calendar (same as Quetzalcoatl). The stone heads bear remarkable resemblance to Africans. If Egyptian legends say Thoth was exiled from Egypt around 3100 BCE, did he and his followers bring his knowledge to ancient Mesoamerica?


Is there a man roaming this planet who is immortal? Is he even human? They say just such things about the immortal Comte de Saint-Germain. His origins are shrouded in mystery, with some believing he may be thousands of years old. He has appeared many times throughout history, even as recently, if you can believe it, in the 1970s. He always appears to be about 45-years old. Stories depict his birth in 1690, the son of Francis Racoczi, Prince of Transylvania. He spoke twelve languages and some say he was Italian, others Spanish. What is certain is that he was a famous alchemist, supposedly able to transform lead into gold. He was an inventor, scientist, adventurer, accomplished musician and all-around mystery man. He was vastly wealthy and enjoyed the company of others, though no one could say they ever saw him eat. Officially he died on February 27, 1784, but when you’re immortal, that’s just a clever way to skip town, as he was reported in Germany in 1785, and then Paris in 1789, always appearing as if only 45-years old.

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