15 Everyday Foods You Can and Should Not Eat On an Empty Stomach

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Certain foods on an empty stomach aren’t advisable. Despite the fact we are told how certain foods like fruits and vegetables are good for us, sometimes they aren’t. There isn’t anything wrong with the food itself but the time when it is eaten. Some foods shouldn’t be eaten on an empty stomach. It doesn’t mean they are bad for health; they possess certain properties that aren’t suitable when your stomach is empty and should be consumed after eating other food or along with them. Here are 15 foods you can and cannot eat on an empty stomach.

    1 Foods You Cannot Eat On an Empty Stomach


    Although tomatoes are full of antioxidants, vitamins and soluble ingredients, they combine with stomach acid that could pressure your stomach causing pain and acidity or reflux. Those with esophagus and ulcer issues shouldn’t even eat certain citrus foods like oranges.


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    2 Shortcrust/Puff pastries

    If you are fond of eating a continental breakfast which includes shortcrust and puff pastries, then it’s time to stop. Such foods are full of yeast which can irritate the stomach lining and cause flatulence.

    Shortcrust or Puff pastries

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    3 Carbonated drinks

    This goes without saying. Drinking colas and carbonated drinks for breakfast?? That’s a no-brainer. Studies have shown they increase the risk of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Soda contains almost 10 teaspoons of sugar and that will increase your blood sugar levels by 8 times more than normal when consumed on an empty stomach. This will create an insulin rush and triggering an increase in adrenaline and possible withdrawal symptoms later.

    Carbonated drinks

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    4 Spicy foods

    Among foods on an empty stomach, spicy food can cause gastric irritation and damage to the stomach lining or mucosa because of increased levels of acid. Spicy foods can also cause stomach upsets and disorders like gastritis. Avoid spicy food in the morning and if at all eating in combination with something else, then decrease the level of heat.

    Spicy foods

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    5 Sweets

    Like carbonated drinks, sweets too can spike sugar leaves in your body and take a toll on your pancreas. In fact those at risk of diabetes with high blood sugar should avoid sweets period.


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    6 Yoghurt

    Among foods to eat and avoid on an empty stomach, Yogurt is mentioned here for very different reasons. Yoghurt contains lactic acid bacteria which is good for good health. But!! when eating Yoghurt on an empty stomach, most of the bacteria are killed by stomach acid waiting to pounce on food coming their way. This means the benefits of yoghurt are ineffective. Consume Yoghurt after eating something first.


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    7 Pears

    If you’re wondering why such a fruit is on this list, it is because the fiber in pear can be a bit harsh on your stomach causing stomach aches. It could also damage stomach mucosa. It is advisable to pair it with oatmeal or some other grain to protect your stomach.

    Dont consume Pears on empty stomach

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    Foods you can eat on an empty stomach

    8 Apples

    Apples can easily be consumed as part of foods on an empty stomach. The good old apple is just great to eat at any time of day. Apples aren’t harsh on your stomach but contain digestive enzymes such as pectin which is good for digestion.

    Consuming apple on empty stomach

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    9 Watermelon

    Watermelon contains plenty of water and is gentle on the stomach. Watermelon contains high levels of lycopene that improves heart and eye health.


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    10 Nuts

    Nuts are a great morning snack. Nuts contain healthy fats and are easily digested in the tummy. Nuts also normalize the Ph balance in the stomach.

    Dry fruits

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    11 Eggs

    Eggs are always good for your morning breakfast and on an empty stomach too. According to research, eggs are a good source of energy-boosting nutrients which can help you cut your daily calorie intake.

    Egg yolk

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    12 Honey

    Honey is an immunity booster and gentle on the stomach. Add some honey to your oatmeal or toast for a sweet boost of energy. Honey increases serotonin in your body to give your brain more staying power.

    Honey can be consumed on empty stomach

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    13 Cooked vegetables

    While raw veggies may not be a god idea in the morning, cooked ones are definitely ok. Vegetables are stomach friendly foods, when cooked and soft. Vegetables like carrots and lettuce are good to eat on an empty stomach.

    Cooked vegetables

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    14 Blueberries

    As per research, blueberries increase metabolism and are good to eat on an empty stomach. Blueberries are also good for memory. Strawberries and raspberries can also be eaten on an empty stomach.

    Blueberries can be consumed o
n empty stomach

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    15 Oatmeal

    Oats is a universal dish and the best food to be eaten on an empty stomach. Oatmeal makes a good morning breakfast. Packed with good fiber and healthy nutrients, oats is also good for weight loss and reduces cholesterol. Oatmeal also prevents hydrochloric acid from damaging your stomach so you can pair oatmeal with some of the foods not suitable for an empty stomach to neutralize their effect.


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