14 Most Popular Dog Myths It’s Time We Stopped Believing

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When you get a dog, it becomes a member of your family. You love it and are ready to give it the best life possible. But are you always able to fully understand your pet? Is the information you know about dogs up to date with recent studies?

We adore dogs and after we reviewed some reliable sources, we realized that many widely spread tricks people use don’t work, and many tips from dog experts often do more harm than good.

1. If a dog yawns, it means it wants to sleep.

Sometimes, dog owners may notice that their dog yawns in situations that are not supposed to make them sleepy, like during playing or when being pet (especially by other people), for example. But it doesn’t actually mean that the dog is bored or wants to sleep. Yawning for dogs is a way of dealing with anxiety and reducing stress.

2. Dogs’ saliva has healing properties.

Some people are so sure about this that they intentionally let dogs lick the cuts and other injuries on their bodies. But they should never let them do this!

There’s no way we could say that dogs’ mouths are clean — they don’t use toothpaste, they eat food off the ground, they lick their own bodies, and a lot of germs can get into their wounds along with saliva. This can all cause an infection.

Don’t let dogs lick their own wounds. In order to help them heal faster, you can prevent licking by putting a special collar around the dog’s neck.

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