14 Etiquette Rules From Different Countries That Can Confuse Even an Experienced Tourist

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When going on a trip, experienced tourists learn information about the etiquette rules and the sights of the country they are going to visit. Because if you don’t know the subtleties of the rules that the locals have, you might find yourself in an awkward situation. For example, you might insult a French man if you use the “Okay” gesture with him. And if you eat a hamburger with your hands in Chile, nobody will sit next to you.

We want to keep you safe from these situations with this article about the etiquette rules every tourist should know.

1. In Korea, the oldest person eats first.

14 Etiquette Rules From Different Countries That Can Confuse Even an Experienced Tourist

In Korea, no matter how hungry you are, you can’t start eating before the oldest person at the table does. If you violate this rule, you might not be invited back to eat at someone’s home. And one more thing: if you want to get yourself a drink, you will need to ask a person sitting right next to you. Koreans fill each other’s glasses.

2. You can’t touch other people’s heads in Thailand.

Thai people are almost always smiling, which demonstrates their positive mindset. However, there is an ordinary thing that most people do that can ruin a Thai person’s mood in an instant. In Thailand, you can’t touch anyone’s head. And it’s not about the hair. It’s just that Thai people believe that the head is where the soul is.

3. In Tibet, it’s okay to show your tongue.

14 Etiquette Rules From Different Countries That Can Confuse Even an Experienced Tourist

In most countries, if you show someone your tongue, people will think that there is something wrong with you. And in India, this gesture demonstrates anger. In Tibet, this gesture is used to show respect and is also used as a “hello.” There is an opinion that the origin of this tradition is the belief that the devil has a black tongue. So, people in Tibet show that “We’re not one of them!”

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