14 Body Parts That Reveal Your Intelligence

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We all have heard the stereotype that people who wear glasses are smart. According to a study from the University of Edinburgh, there might be some truth to this. According to science, there are many ways a person’s body features can influence on how smart they are. Some are more surprising than others. We might have been right about people who wear glasses being smart but let’s just say a lot of other stereotypes are completely off.

We bring you some body parts that science suggests could be a sure sign of higher brain power in people.

1. Being tall

14 Body Parts That Reveal Your Intelligence

Taller people are often smarter than shorter people. According to one theory, being tall helps give people status, so historically taller people had more opportunities for leadership, allowing them to get more access to information. They would then pass down their height and status to their children. Taller people tend to have better jobs, allowing them to better educate children, who will likely inherit their height, continuing the cycle.

2. Larger breasts

14 Body Parts That Reveal Your Intelligence

According to one study, women with larger breasts tend to have higher intelligence. Not only did women with larger breasts appear to be the most intelligent overall, but women with average breasts were also shown to be smarter than women with small breasts. This should serve as a reminder to always take stereotypes with a grain of salt.

3. Blue eyes

14 Body Parts That Reveal Your Intelligence

Blue eyes might showcase a high intellect. Many famous brainiacs have had blue eyes like Stephen Hawking and Marie Curie. Having less pigment than brown eyes, light penetrates more in blue eyes than brown eyes. However, this can also cause the eyes to become more sensitive to light.

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