13 Cell Phone Emergency Tricks You Have To Know

Enable Lockdown Mode

One of the new features of Android Pie that Google added is a handy security feature called Lockdown. With it, you can instantly switch off a few settings that could make your personal data vulnerable to unauthorized access.

When enabled, the Lockdown mode disables fingerprint authentication. This prevents intruders or law enforcement officials from forcing you to unlock your phone, plus hides notifications on the lock screen.

In addition, it turns off Smart Lock, a convenience feature which unlocks your phone when in the vicinity of another configured device or location. The only way to bring your phone out of Lockdown is to manually enter your password or PIN.

However, the tool is not turned by default, so you need to activate it. To do that, go to Settings, scroll down till you find Security & location, and there, tap Lock Screen Preferences. Enable Show lockdown option and you’re set. You’ll find the option to put your phone in Lockdown mode on the same menu that lets you turn it off; just press and hold the power button.

While placing your phone in lockdown won’t ensure your data is entirely secure, it’s a quick way to establish a wall against anyone who may attempt to access your phone through coercion.

Update Your Emergency Information

To let paramedics (or other people) know your emergency information and contacts, Android comes with a native utility that places those details on the lock screen. Of course, you need to first add the necessary data into it.

For that, head over to Settings > About Phone > Emergency Information. Now, fill in the essential fields such as your name, blood type, whether you’re an organ donor, your allergies, and emergency contacts. To view the saved data, swipe up on the lock screen, tap Emergency, then choose Emergency Information.

Do note that these steps can differ depending on your phone maker. If you can’t find the option under the mentioned section, try searching for it.

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