12 Surprising Signs That Show You’re Not Lazy but a Genius

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Do your lifestyle habits make you a procrastinator or do you possess the habits of a genius? You’ll be surprised to know that being a genius doesn’t mean you need to be prim and proper, neat and meticulous organized and a well-programmed robot. These 12 signs you’re a genius could appear crazy and weird to others but who cares.

You love reading

If you are someone who loves reading then it definitely means you are a genius. An intelligent person can never get enough of reading because it means a constant intake of information and knowledge. Be it browsing the web for information or reading a book, geniuses are always exercising an improving their brains. If your idea of relaxing is having coffee at a bookshop while pouring over titles, then you are definitely a genius.

You love reading

You are nocturnal and love staying up late

Among the signs, you’re a genius and according to science, humans have the unique ability to override their circadian rhythms (the daily cycle of activity). Humans can choose to be night owls or morning birds; however, humans, in general, are a day species as they lack nocturnal activities as a species. Ethnographic studies and have concluded that since there has ever been any evidence of humans possessing abilities to be a nocturnal species, hence, those who were of a nocturnal nature possessed a higher degree of intelligence than those who abided by normal sleep patterns. Hence, the saying “A Wise Owl”

love staying up late

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