12 Secrets to Overcome Flight Fright

4. Learn how airports work

12 Secrets to Overcome Flight Fright

You feel calmer when you see how many people fly every day and how regularly airplanes undergo maintenance. Visit an airport in advance, and just watch it work.

  • Every 5 years, airplanes undergo full checkup and maintenance.
  • Airplanes go through a fault check before each flight.
  • Interim full examinations occur no fewer than once every 3 months.

5. Fly more often

12 Secrets to Overcome Flight Fright

People who’re afraid of flying note that fear goes away if you fly more often. When flights stop being an event, you stop fearing them.

6. Take a virtual flight

12 Secrets to Overcome Flight Fright

It may seem silly, but according to research, VR flights help adapt to real air travels. If you can’t fly more in reality, perhaps you should try virtual trips?

7. Avoid bad news

12 Secrets to Overcome Flight Fright

Try to guard yourself from bad news before the flight: you don’t need to know about air accidents and crashes. Especially avoid delving deep into the matter, searching for old accidents.

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