12 Little-Known Secrets About The Declaration Of Independence

History is an incredible thing. Even though the events are long gone, there is still so, so much more to learn.

American history is rich and wrought with flaws, but it is our history. And that history began with the Declaration of Independence in the year 1776.

We celebrate the historic document that made us independent from Great Britain on the Fourth of July each year, but did you know that that’s not even the real date the original document was signed? That’s right, we’re not even celebrating the day that the founding fathers signed the document!

These 12 facts about the Declaration of Independence may shock you, but they are the truth.

After reading through this list, I was glad to be a little bit wiser about our country’s history.

Do you consider yourself an American history buff? Do you know any other long-forgotten secrets about the document that made us independent from Britain?

1. It Wasn’t Signed On The Fourth Of July

1. It Wasn't Signed On The Fourth Of July

Congress did adopt the Declaration on the Fourth of July in 1776, but it wasn’t signed until about a month later. Most delegates signed on August 2.

2. A Copy Was Discovered In 1989

2. A Copy Was Discovered In 1989

Hundreds of copies of the original declaration were printed on the night of July 4 to be distributed throughout the 13 colonies. They are called “Dunlap broadsides” — a broadside is simply a one-sided print. Only 26 of these copies survive today.

In 1989, when a man bought a picture frame for $4 at a Philadelphia flea market, he found an original printing of the Declaration hidden on the back of it. It later sold for $8.1 million.

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