12 Iconic Hikes In San Gabriel Mountains

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San Gabriel Mountains are the home of waterfalls, swimming holes, valleys, and iconic formations; it is not a wrong choice to enjoy the mountains for winter weekends.
The mountains are popular for two beautiful peaks, located in Southern California – Mount Wilson and Mount Baldy. In addition, the area offers beautiful views for photography. Here is the list to complete your next trip.

1. Bridge to Nowhere

The area offers 10 miles of distance and 900 feet of elevation gain for intermediate hiking. With an out-and-back trail, this place is best to visit in any month of the year. Having a trip in this place is unforgettable that you have to cross the river, step on rocks, and ford in the rainy month, and swimming in the swimming hole.

Pack list:
Wilderness Permit / Adventure Pass, waterproof hiking boots, swimsuit, towel

2.  Bighorn Mine Trail

It was a flourishing site to mine gold back in the 1800s, but now it becomes the abandoned area. Charles Tom Vincent discovered the trail. The panoramic views will be the main highlight in this place.
Pack list:
Day pack, reusable water bottle with water, snacks/packed lunch, sunglasses, layers of clothing, gloves for winter, a beanie for winter, hiking shoes with decent tread, rope, camera, headlamp and flashlight for winter
4 miles and 1100 feet of elevation gain in an out-and-back trail make this area is good to visit in winter. Even intermediate hikers can do some activities like photography, chilling, and hiking.

3. Icehouse Saddle

The place is so popular because of the incredible views with 7.2 miles of roundtrip hike in the early morning. This is good to avoid crowds and to enjoy the views.

Pack list:
Hiking shoes, water, sunscreen, snacks, camera, and hiking poles
The place offers 2600 feet of elevation gain for intermediate hikers to hike and take some photographs. Best of all, this place is open in any season.

4. Devil’s Punchbowl and Devil’s Chair

The desert is like the landscape. The Joshua Trees and the out-and-back trek to hike at 8 miles offers rock formations for outdoor enthusiasts.
Pack list:
Climbing gear, layered clothing, a hat, comfortable hiking shoes with lugs, snacks, and 2-liter water (more for a hot summer day)
You don’t even need to become an advanced hiker to visit this place. Even beginner can do to enjoy the views in any season.

5. Fish Canyon Falls

Head to the west, the falls offer a five-mile of roundtrip hike with the beautiful and three-tiered waterfall along with the wildflowers.
Pack list:
Sunscreen, long sleeves and pants to protect from the poison oak, lunch, swimsuit, water, and camera
Spring, autumn, and winter are the best seasons to visit this place for a beginner. With an out-and-back trail, the place offers 800 feet of elevation gain.

6. Lewis Falls

Do you want to get away from the crowds and busy world? Why do not spend your time to this place, the secluded paradise? The best part is the short one mile of roundtrip trail and 250 feet of elevation gain.

Pack list:
Backpack, camera, tripod, snacks, water, hiking shoes, sunblock
Hiking and photography are the best things to do for a beginner in this place.

7. Cooper Canyon Falls

Do you love to enjoy the views of redwoods? So, if you don’t want to make a road trip, this place is what you need. You will find redwoods, Jeffrey pines, and cedar.
Pack list:
10 essentials, hiking shoes, hiking clothes depend on the weather, water, food or snacks, map, and adventure pass
Chilling, photography, and hiking are the best things to do in any season in this site.

8. Telegraph Peak

It is the part of the 3-T and it is your second trail between the Timber Mountain and Thunder Mountain. You will enjoy 13 miles on the round trail with 3,000 feet of elevation gain.
Pack list:
Hiking essentials, hiking shoes, water, snacks, sun protection, and adventure pass
Intermediate hikers can visit the place to enjoy hiking and photography. The best seasons to visit are in summer, spring, and autumn.

9. San Gabriel Peak

If you want to search the easier peaks to access along with the beautiful view, this is the right option. San Gabriel Peak offers the beautiful view of the Los Angeles basin. You can even hike to the peak at 3 miles on a roundtrip with 1,000 feet of elevation gain.

Pack list:
Hiking shoes, water, pants, a hat, a sunscreen, and food
Intermediate hikers can go to this area for photography and hiking in any season of the year.

10. Stoddard Peak

With 1,000 feet of elevation gain, hiking the Stoddard Peak is more accessible. You will find the fairy-tale including cabins with the Barrett Cabin are and the beautiful view of the Stoddard Flats all over the way.
Pack list:
Daypack, water, snacks, sunglasses, sunscreen, Tecnu to protect you from the poison oak, layers of clothing, hiking shoes with tread, trekking pole, camera, and a polarizer for the camera.
Chilling, photography, and hiking are few activities to do in this place. This place is great for intermediate hikers to visit, especially in winter.

11. Mt. Baden-Powell

This is the very popular trail to visit with 8 miles of distance to hike. The area has beautiful pines to watch as well as the view of the San Gabriel high country. In addition, the place will never make you disappointed, especially for its 2,800 feet in elevation gain.
Pack list:
Day pack, water, snacks, camera, sturdy hiking shoes, trekking poles
Intermediate hikers can visit this place in any season of the year for photography and hiking.

12. Mt. Baldy

Perhaps, all hikers are familiar with this mountain, especially those who have been spending their trip to Southern California. The mountain is great for skiing and even other winter sports. It is like the award after hiking for 13 miles at the round trip trail.

Pack list:
Sturdy hiking shoes or boots or trail runners, camera, daypack, water, snacks, clothes for layering, National Adventure Pass for parking or $5 at the visitor center.