12 Harsh Truths Almost All of Us Tend to Neglect

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Childhood, a time when we’re taken care of as fragile and vulnerable people is quite different than adulthood. As adults, we begin to follow a new set of rules and understand over time that we’re interesting to ourselves only. There’s no one to push us toward success, give us their shoulder to cry on, or praise us when we’ve done something good. And ultimately, there are always going to be people who are smarter, better, and more attractive than us.

We took a risk and collected simple truths we’ve all come to understand at some point or another in our lives.

1. There’s no point in sacrificing yourself for others.

12 Harsh Truths Almost All of Us Tend to Neglect

Have you ever heard the phrase, “Everything I do, I do it for you”? As a rule, it’s followed by a cold answer, “But did I even ask you to do that?”

Let’s be honest: the people around us don’t need our sacrifices. Most often, they feel awkward and become irritated by this obtrusiveness. The only exception to this situation is codependent behavior — when both people get satisfaction from such a relationship.

2. None of us will get a medal at work.

12 Harsh Truths Almost All of Us Tend to Neglect

They say it was a horse who worked the most in the village, but it still never became the head of the village. Sooner or later you’ll face a similar unpleasant truth: your boss and colleagues will understand that you are ready to do any kind of work. And while you’re hurting your health by putting too much pressure on yourself, they’ll be calmly checking their newsfeed on social media or gossiping while sipping on another cup of coffee. But were you really expecting for your boss to praise you for hard work like your teacher would do back in kindergarten?

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