12 Car Hacks We Wouldn’t Want to Miss

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Every car owner has a standard set of items in their glove compartment and trunk: sunglasses, a soft tissue, a spare wheel and other things of that nature. But sometimes, especially during long trips, these items may not be helpful enough for what you need.

We have prepared a list of unexpected things to keep in your car that can help you save a crazy amount of money and deal with unpleasant situations.


12 Car Hacks We Wouldn’t Want to Miss

Toothpaste can help you remove the yellow plaque from your car’s lights better than anything else. To do this, put some toothpaste on the lights, rub it with a sponge and wash with water. If the lights are too dirty, do it 3-4 times.

Shaving cream

12 Car Hacks We Wouldn’t Want to Miss

In order to prevent your windows from getting foggy in winter, just wash them with shaving cream. Here, you can see how it works.

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