11 Winter Trends That Are Finally Outdated

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Modern fashion is changing very fast and even the newer trends disappear in the blink of an eye. This is why the easiest way to stay trendy, and not waste all of your money, is to make sure that you have all the basics that are always in fashion and a few ultra-new pieces that you refresh a few times a year.

We consulted our reliable fashion sources and found out which things are not going to be trendy in 2019-2020 for winter and how they can be replaced.

Coats made of long faux fur

11 Winter Trends That Are Finally Outdated

These fur coats, often called lamas, have long and fluffy fur that gives them an unusual look. But now, for some reason, trendsetters are giving up on these coats. They are being replaced with the so-called teddy bear coats. These coats are soft and the color can be whatever you want — the more unusual, the better.

Supersize puffers

11 Winter Trends That Are Finally Outdated

Giant oversize puffers were a huge hit, but now they are losing their popularity. Despite the fact that oversize clothes are still trendy in general, big puffers are losing their position. More classic models are becoming widely-used again.

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