11 Questions That Psychologists And Divorce Lawyers Recommend Asking On a First Date

These days we have an alarming rate of divorce and breakups because we chose to ignore the red flags and subtle hints at the very beginning of a relationship. Divorce lawyers and psychologists have ingeniously formed a way to detect the potential problem triggers on the basis of personality traits of the partners. They can clearly see the signs of minor upsets which couples can rectify immediately and also the major glitches which are bound to create serious problems in the future leading to separations. And by being an expert, they can also predict all this from the very first date which could be good advice for you.

Get familiar enough to ask your date these questions

In order to help new lovers, Here are some crucial questions advised by the experts that should be asked on a first date. These objective questions which if answered honestly can help you gain some insight into the future of the relationship without entertaining any delusions about it.

Get familiar enough to ask your date these questions

Are You Married?

Many people, especially women feel awkward asking a blunt question about the singlehood of their potential partners which is foolishness. There is nothing rude about being direct with the person who plans to spend time with you.

Are You Married

If they evade answers

If the answer to the question is evasive such as “it’s complicated,”  or “we are going to get divorced soon” or a non-committal answer like “we are separated”, it means according to  Divorce attorney Randall M. Kessler that the man is playing double with you and he is not free for a devoted relationship at all right now. Stay away from him till he gets his personal mess clear and comes without any past baggage.

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