11 Mind Blowing Marriage Truths From Divorce Attorneys

“A sustainable marriage is not about love, it’s about tolerance.”

In modern times, the rate of successful marriages is decreasing rapidly whereas the divorce rate is increasing day by day. In other words, successful marriages have become a rare commodity. Now the question is – how can a couple turn their marriage into a happy and successful one?

Are you too facing some issues in your married life? It is better to take advice from an experienced person rather than ending it with divorce. HAPPINESS, RELATIONSHIPS, LOVE, DATING, MARRIAGE, DIVORCE, COOL STUFF, PSYCHOLOGY, MIND, EMOTION, MINDFULNESS, SELF IMPROVEMENT

The best source for marriage advice? Divorce attorneys. Before you protest, just think about it: Every day at work they see the types of marital problems that lead otherwise happy couples to split up.

With that in mind, we recently asked 11 family law attorneys to volunteer their best love and relationship advice. See what they had to say below.

1. A sustainable marriage is not about love, it’s about tolerance.

“Can you tolerate all your partner’s quirks? Even the ones that you don’t like, are they tolerable? Don’t marry your partner thinking that any of his or her quirks are going to change, improve or wane. As we get older, your partner’s quirks will only magnify. So if you can’t tolerate it now, you for sure are not going to be able to tolerate it in the future. Tolerance may not be romantic, but it is the key to a long lasting marriage.” —Melissa B. Buchman, an attorney in Beverly Hills, California

2. Give your spouse the benefit of the doubt.

“Unfortunately, many couples I see going through a divorce ascribe bad — or sometimes terrible — motives to everything their spouses do. What is the harm in assuming or presuming the best? Even if you’re wrong, it hurts no one. And it may be the start of a better relationship.” —Randall M. Kessler, an attorney based in Atlanta, Georgia

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