11 Fatal Mistakes From Most Popular Myths About Healthy Eating

When shifting to a healthy lifestyle, many people are unable to reach their goals. Maybe the reason is in their confidence that they have chosen the right strategy for eating. But if we look closer, we will find out that much of our knowledge about healthy products is actually false.

We  support people’s struggle toward self-perfection and want to help them improve their knowledge in the area of healthy eating. Let’s finally bust the 11 most popular myths about healthy eating.

We buy low-fat products.

In pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, many people choose low-fat products. But very few of us realize that by reducing the level of fats, manufacturers compensate their product’s content with other components for improving taste. For example, with sugar, flavors, stabilizers, and trans fats, which are bad for our health.

Products with a normal fat content are necessary for a balanced and healthy diet. It’s only necessary to exclude fats for real medical reasons. In all other cases, lowering the percentage of fats in a product will be enough.

We drink fruit juices.

Fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, and at the same time they don’t have dietary fiber. This can lead to an increase in appetite, overeating, and weight gain. Juice satisfies neither our hunger nor our thirst. And this fact makes it little different from sweet soda drinks.

Instead, it’s better to opt for a whole piece of fruit or essence water with fresh fruits.

We eat energy bars.

These bars are good for a quick snack on the go. They are sold in the healthy and diet food departments of supermarkets. But are they really that healthy? Most bars contain sugar, chocolate glaze, caramel, artificial flavors, and other additives. They are no different from ordinary sweets when it comes to the volume of sugar, while the amount of calories in them equals a full-fledged lunch.

Don’t be lazy, and spend more time eating well. If you want something sweet, then try a bit of dark chocolate. This will be good for your health as well as satisfy your sweet tooth.

We prefer to eat dried fruits.

The usefulness or harm of dried fruit directly depends on the conditions in which they were cooked and stored. As a rule, manufacturers process fruits with a chemical composition before drying, which helps to extend the lifespan of the fruits but decreases their beneficial features. Dried fruits are good and healthy if you cook and dry them at home by yourself. When choosing them in a store, it’s better to buy those dried fruits that don’t look attractive, aren’t shiny, and are rough to the touch.

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