10 Ways to Bond With Your New Dog Easily

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It is always exciting to have a new dog. On the other hands, it is a little bit overwhelming. Of course, as the new pet owner, you want to make sure that everything is in the right way. We want our relationship to everything around us is great. Even when it comes to a new dog, we can be their best friend if we are able to create a strong bond.
Just like other relationships, creating a deep bond is not something magical that happens in seconds. In fact, it takes time. If you want to make it easier, here are the simple ways on how to build the bond from the first beginning when your new dog entered your home for the first time.
1. Patience

1. Patience

The key is patience since you are dealing with a new dog and you want to bond with him. For some dogs, it can take a few days, weeks, and even months. Of course, each dog comes with a unique personality. Dogs may take longer to warm up to new people and environment. Just like a human, adopting a new dog means you are putting him in a new situation and he needs time to adjust himself. Therefore, before having some fun ways to bond with your new dog, it is good to talk to yourself and keep in mind that patience is your first prior.

2. Make a Schedule

Dogs love something routine. Therefore it is a good idea to set a schedule you must do every day to support your dog to adjust. Routines create comfort and it makes you able to teach your dog about what to expect. By helping your dog do the routine activities, your new dog learns sooner about your home functions and he can be more comfortable. Here are some examples of how to help your new dog adjust to your home:

  • Feeding your dog at the same time every day
  • Go outside for potty breaks routinely
  • Go for the daily walk at the same time
  • Go to bed at the same time every night

You can continue the rest by creating a schedule such as an exercise time, the cuddle time, the daily game, and anything at the same time. Keep in mind that you should also incorporate some of your normal activities during the first weeks so your dog knows about your activities as the part of his normal routine.
3. Consistency

3. Consistency

Clear and consistent are important to bond with your new dog. You should make sure that everyone in your family is on the same level. Make a rule that your family knows what behaviors are bad and good. If each member of the family has different rules, it can make your dog is confused and frustrate.

4. His Space

We are sure that you may feel uncomfortable when you are surrounded by strangers in a new environment with an unknown situation. That happens to your new dog right now. Therefore, he is scary. He may feel overwhelmed. You should help him reduce his fear by giving a special place for him.
It is great to provide your dog his own comfortable crate, bed, or anything that will be his safe spot to retreat himself when he is so tired.
5. Play

5. Play

If you want to try the fun way to bond with your new dog, the secret is to have some interactive play with them. If your dog does not have any interest to play, let him settle and try again later. It is good to try something simple like chasing or fetching. Rolling a toy around on the ground can be fun to see whether your dog has any interest in chasing it or not. If he still does not show his interest, chase the toy so he can easily know how much fun it is.

6. Relax

Bonding with the new dog is not that hard. You can even enjoy the day by chilling out together. You can invite your new dog up onto the couch with you for cuddle time. In addition, get down onto the ground and show off your massage techniques to your dog.

7. Exercise

Physical exercise to your dog is crucial for his health while providing a nice way for fun. It is also great for you since the fresh air and physical activity can reduce stress. You can start bonding with your new dog by taking him out for a walk, explore the new areas near your town, or check out all new sights and smells. Frisbee, fetch, swimming, jogging, and tug of war can be the next choices.

8. Hand Feeding

It is a simple thing to do. You only have to feed your dog out of your hand. It works for shy and fearful dogs. It can help you build trust between you and your dog. Besides, it is a nice way to strengthen the bond. Hand feeding is also a quick way to build trust and then strengthen the bond between you and your new dog. It also improves the impulse control, teach your dog some bite inhibition and reduce fast eaters.

9. Some Simple Tricks

Even puppies are great learners for some basic tricks. Training is the best way to bond with your new dog. keep in mind that their attention span is quite limited. Make a short training session is a nice choice. You can train your dog to come when you call him or start laying down the foundation for a call.
If you have no idea how to train your new dog, you can try to start from the basic commands like sit, stay, shake, and lie down. Once he became the expert, move to the more challenging commands.

10. Behaviors You Like

Bringing a new dog to your home, he does not know about anything about rules. He does not familiar with your preferences.  If he does something as you expect, it is good to praise him. For example, your dog waits patiently when you prepare his dinner. Since he did it, you have to praise him. Let him know that he is a good boy by communicating it clearly so you encourage him to repeat that behavior.
10. Behaviors You Like