10 Tour Pro Chipping Tips - Golf For Beginners

10 Tour Pro Chipping Tips – Golf For Beginners

Eddie Pepperell

I’d encourage very little wrist breakdown, little weight shift and quite a simple-looking motion. Not many guys on tour chip like me – most chip using the bounce quite nicely. Watch Luke Donald – he’s your perfect chipper.

Richie Ramsay

On the longer ones, where you have to get a little bit of height, there’s a bit more rotation, so when you hit the shot your belt buckle is facing the target a bit more. The ones where you’re two or three paces off the green and the swing is really minimal are more about feel with the hands.

Graeme McDowell

There is not a lot of wrist break required for a chip-and-run. I like to get the club sitting upright and from here it feels more like a putt. Don’t set your wrists; instead rock your shoulders back and forth to create the momentum. Club selection is important and this is where your time on the practice green will come in handy, as you’ll have a better feel for the right combination of flight and roll.

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