10 Tour Pro Chipping Tips - Golf For Beginners

10 Tour Pro Chipping Tips – Golf For Beginners

Dustin Johnson

I play the ball back in my stance with my feet fairly close together and my weight favoring my left leg. You won’t want a lot of sway with this swing, only rotation, and a narrow stance makes it easier to turn back and through. I also angle my knees slightly towards the target. This places my sternum on top of the ball in a pre-set impact position and shows me where I need to be when I make contact.

Try to minimize your hand action. I like to feel as though my wrists are hinging and re-hinging in response to the momentum of my arm swing. In addition, when you swing you should feel as though you’re rotating around your left leg without shifting weight back and forth. This gets your hands ahead of the ball at impact, leading to a lower ball flight.

Tyrrell Hatton

No matter which shot you choose, it’s important that you create the flight you want by changing your address and not the swing. I set a fraction more weight on my left side throughout the shot. The big mistake amateurs make is to lean back through the downswing to help the ball into the air. This can cause fat or thin strikes and makes the perfect contact much harder to find. Finally, you need to commit to the shot with a gradual acceleration through the ball.

Henrik Stenson

For a lot of short game shorts an important thing is to keep the butt of the club pointing towards you. You want to keep your hands in front a degree but when you’re driving it ahead the chances of you digging that front edge into the ground and hitting poor shots is going to be quite a lot. For me I like to open the clubface a little bit, move it forward in my stance and let the clubhead get thrown in underneath the ball.

Oli Fisher

Go through the different clubs in your bag, aiming to pitch the ball five yards away from you with each one. That will give you an idea of how far each club will run out. You’ve got a whole bag of clubs to use and some people hit everything with a lob wedge. Look at what the exam paper is asking you, because sometimes the easiest shot is with a 7-iron or a putter.

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