10 Strangest Natural Phenomena In The Universe Surely You Didn’t Know

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A universe is a curious place that even scientists could not explain all the process or phenomena that happens there. Some of these things are very dangerous but others are cool to know.

10. Life

It is amazing to know what things go into our body. In fact, the human is just a random of tiny molecules named atoms. Atoms find a way to make up cells to drive the process that allows you to become a living creature. It is hard to answer a question like why do they do this and who instruct them to do this?
Why do we exist? Why are we here? What did this?

9. Spontaneous Human Combustion

Probably, the most controversial natural phenomenon is spontaneous human combustion. Spontaneous combustion has been so popular to happen in animals and in recorded or observed incidents. In fact, spontaneous combustion means the burning of the human body while there is no external source of the ignition. How can you explode without any reason?

 8. The Fire Rainbow

Another name of the fire rainbow is the curcumhorizontal arc. The main cause of this optical phenomenon is the refraction of the sunlight through the flat, thick and horizontal ice crystals in the cirrus clouds. The conditions should be perfect and specific to support these phenomena. Therefore, it only could be observed in certain areas in the world.

7. Lucid Dreaming

Strange things happen in nature, in human, and even in our mind. Lucid dreaming happens when you become aware that you are dreaming while you are in the dream. Okay, this is not a special capability. But, who can control your imagination? Even some people have flown in their dreams.

6. Moonbow

It is not easy to create this phenomenon. A moonbow happens when the droplets of water met the mists made from waterfalls. The moon is not as bright as the sun and therefore moonbows are quite harder to see compared to the rainbow.

5. Ball Lighting

So, it is quite different from the regular lighting. It takes the form of the glowing sphere drifting horizontally through the air. Also, the size can vary from a pea to a large bus. Up to now, there are no real theories to form and it is about 5% of the total population has seen the ball lightning in some time.

 4. Aurora Borealis

We admit that it is one of the most incredible events to happen in the world. Aurora Borealis is also popular as the Northern Lights with its astounding and amazing look. Do you know how this phenomenon can happen?
The sun has its ions and they travel out into space with the speed from 300 to 1200 kilometers per second. A cloud of such particles is known as a plasma. The stream of plasma coming from the sun called the solar wind. Here, the solar wind interacts with the edge of the earth’s magnetic field. This condition trapped some particles and they follow the lines of the magnetic force down into the ionosphere. When the particles collide with the gases in the ionosphere, they can glow and then produce something we call auroras, southern, and northern.

3. Sprites

They are large scale high-energy electrical discharges. They will happen above the thunderstorm clouds. The reason that makes this happen is the discharges of the positive lighting between the thunderstorm and the ground. After that, it gives rise to various bright and uncommon visual shapes. There was a report about sprites in 1986 but that could only last for a few milliseconds. You are so lucky if you see sprites because they are very rare.

2. Green Flashes

Whether the sun sets or rises, the top edge of the sun will be bright green, but if you can see this it means you see it through the distant horizon. Also, seeing this means that the atmospheric conditions are nearly perfect, no clouds down to the horizon. This phenomenon can last for a second and we call it as a green flash due to the certain refraction of light in the atmosphere.

1. The Taos Hum

The Taos Hum is a phenomenon of a low-frequency humming noise in Taos, New Mexico. Eventually, there were similar hums like Taos Hum human have been reported all over the world. The sound will remind you to machine or things about industrial activities. But, no one has found the source of the hum. The more interesting about the phenomena is that the sound is often much louder in the buildings and only about 2% of the population could hear this hum.