10 Smart And Simple Ways To Make Moving Easily

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What things you do when you have to set up your moving today? You have to do something like packing, organizing, transporting, and asking your friends to help. Of course this is the long process that can be very tiring. In fact, you can make it a little bit easier. These smart ways will make your moving time next time is much better.

1. Use The Garbage Bags

You should put your hanging clothes in the garbage bags. To do so, keep and wrap the clothes on the hanger. Once you get the new abode, you can take off the garbage bags. If possible, add a label to know whom the stuff belongs to.

2. Pack The First-Night Box

Most people do not think they always do this. Therefore, they have a lot of problems such as having several boxes on the moving day. They even rummage those things to find their pajamas. Therefore, it is good to pack the first night box. It means that the box should contain all the toiletries, clothes, and others you will need for the following morning, including the dishes and the silverware.

3. Use Plastic Wrap For Your Drawers

You can wrap your drawers to keep this furniture shut with everything is still inside. This is the safe way so that the moving truck will never make all the stuff fall out of the dresser. The drawer will not slide open, too.

4. Use Wine Cases

It is beneficial to use wine cases to handle your glassware during moving time. You can go to a local bar, some grocery stores or a winery to get the empty wine cases. You can use it to keep everything organized, especially your glasses. Do not forget to add newspaper as the pads to protect the glasses.

5. Make A Packing Supplies Basket

Save yourself from losing packing supplies or running around your house/apartment because you left the scissors in one room and the tape in the other. Get a box or a basket for supplies that you can carry with you from room to room, that way you’ll have all of it with you as you switch tasks and don’t have to spend time retrieving supplies you left in another room.

6. Keep Screws & Bolts Organized

If you have to dismantle any furniture for your move, don’t forget to keep all the loose screws and bolts organized! Put them in plastic baggies and label them so you know which piece of furniture they’r for and don’t lose any.

7. Cut holes in sides of boxes for easy lifting

Use a box-cutter to cut triangle-shaped holes on either side of your heavier boxes to give you makeshift handles for easier lifting!

8. Use Storage Bins For Seasonal Items

If you don’t already store your seasonal/holiday items in plastic bins, now’s the time. That way, once you’re moved in, you can simply transfer the plastic bins to your closet or basement without having to unpack their contents.

9. Use a Rubber Band to Keep Your Front Door Unlocked

When actually moving your boxes into your truck or van, you’ll be going in and out of the house a lot. Wrap a rubber band around one doorknob and stretch it around your door to wrap the other end on the opposite knob. This will keep your door from accidentally getting shut and locking you out in case someone forgets to keep it unlocked!

10. Keep ALL your liquids separate

Cleaning supplies, dish-washing supplies, whatever it is, if it’s liquid put it in a separate plastic bin. If it falls or spills during the move and you’ve left it in another box, it’ll soak everything. Ew.