10 Simple Ways to Dog Proof Your Furniture

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At first, you may have no rule for your dogs to enjoy the furniture. You want to treat your dogs so they can enjoy their time on the couch. But, you change your mind that everything is out of your expectation. There is so much wear and tear on your furniture. You want to shout that you pay for this furniture but does it true you blame your dogs for that? You don’t even set that rule before.
It is not surprising that many dog owners had the rule that dogs should not get on the furniture. If you cannot go that way, it does not a big deal. If it is impossible not to allow your dog up on the couch, it means you should do something to help protect your furniture from their fur and claws.
1. Use Covers

1. Use Covers

This is one of the best tips here and it does not require a lot of energy to protect your furniture from your dog. It is possible for you to cover your furniture with slipcovers, throws, and washable blankets.
Dogs have their favorite spot on the couch. On that spot, you can cover it nicely with something washable and easy to maintain. You can use blankets and throws that are easier to wash it anytime or vacuum the couch for another day. Some slipcovers are great for a more polished look since these are available in many colors and patterns.

2. No Bare Wood

If you don’t want your dogs to chew up the chair legs, you should avoid wood furniture at your home. Young pups always do this. If you have bought wood furniture, it does not a matter. The matter is now on how to keep the pups avoid chewing. What you can do is to spray a bitter apple spray on the legs so your dog will hate chewing it.
Crate training is another option if your dog is totally destructive when you are not at home. Chewing on wood is not only destroying your furniture but it is also dangerous to your dog.

3. Pet-Friendly Materials Furniture

Leather and microfiber are the best choices. The leather is easy to clean and microfiber offers durability. If you are not planning for new furniture, do the first tip that is using the slipcovers.
3. Pet-Friendly Materials Furniture

4. Groom Your Dog Regularly

Regular grooming helps decrease excess shedding. You can reduce the extra fur all over the rooms at home by bathing and brushing your dog routinely. Besides, you will need a de-shedding tool if your dog sheds a lot. It is also good to vacuum regularly to reduce the stray hairs.
Another way to do is trim your dogs’ nail regularly to decrease the chance of scratched furniture. If your dogs have short nails and still sharp, file the tips so these are smoother. You can buy a steel nail file to keep their nails smooth. The last thing to do is finding the DIY cleaning to clean your home quickly.

5. Color Coordinate With Your Pet

Cleaning and vacuuming are not the instant ways to solve the matter with loose pet hairs. If you do not want to make the hairs visible, you should buy the cover, the furniture, and the blanket with the same color as your dogs’ hair color.
5. Color Coordinate With Your Pet

6. Use the Same Entry

This is a common problem for most dogs’ owner. They found their home in a big mess. If you have a mudroom, you should do something when you are taking your dog in and out of your house. If you don’t, you should set up a little space and keep some extra towels there. Wipe off your dog’s muddy paws so he can go to the rest of your home with no footprinting left.
You can even make something simple like having a washable rug on the floor, some towels on the rack and a place for hanging leashes.

7. Buy a Nice Dog Bed

Your dog does not mind to leave his favorite spot on the couch if you can provide him a nice and comfortable bed. It is good to buy a nice and padded orthopedic bed for your dog. There are many options available for dog’s beds such as heated, orthopedic, bolstered, and pillow beds. If your dog does not want to leave the couch, you can try a little trick like placing his new bed next to the couch. If your dog has Velcro dog syndrome that makes him be a part of what is going at all times, you should place his bed in any spot that will let him keep an eye on the things.

8. Keep Certain Rooms Closed Off

So, you are not a fan of having your dog in some rooms in your house. Well, that is fine. You can keep those doors locked. If you really cannot go with the idea of letting your dog have the free roam of the living room while you are working, you should use baby gates to keep your dog in certain areas at your home. It is also great to have crate training.

9. A Sofa With Removable Seats

If you want to keep your furniture clean with pets is to provide a couch with the removable seats. These tips work well if you look for a new sofa and you want a pet-friendly sofa with removable seats. You can even unzip the individual cushions for washing to remove any stains and odors from your dogs.

10. Lint Rollers or Packing Tape

Even if you groom your dog routinely, some shedding still happens. Grooming only reduces some shedding, not to stop it. If you find his hair in the cupboard, on the top of your TV and all over the drapes, you have no choice unless to clean it up. The easiest way to clean up the loose fur is by using a lint roller on the furniture. Otherwise, you can use a roll of packing tape.
So, what are your most favorite way to deal with your dogs’ loose fur and claws?
10. Lint Rollers or Packing Tape