10 Simple Tips for Cleaning Up Dog Hair

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The common matter when it comes to a dog is his hair. His hair is almost everywhere. Even though you have a few Huskies, this is still a problem to deal with. It is challenging to make your house clean and free from fur with the dog inside your home as the part of your family member. Having a home that is free of fur is what you should struggle with but these tricks below will make your life easier. Here are the best 10 tips on how to clean up his hair.
Use Blankets/Covers

Use Blankets/Covers

Before talking about the point of how to clean up your dog hair, it is important to highlight that blankets and covers are your best partner. If you want to keep your dog hair off of your furniture, it is easier to toss a blanket over the couch so that the couch is fur-free.
It is interesting to know that you don’t have to resort to the plastic covers. There are various options available.
You can provide a few blankets to use on the couch so your dog can sleep there. Throwing them in the wash once a week is now so much easier compared to keep the bare sofa clean. There are various custom made couch covers are also available. If you have a little skill, you can go to the craft store and make your DIY.
It does not a big deal if you don’t own any vacuum for your dog or a wet vac. Cleaning up your dog hair is about the basics. You can use the dryer sheets to the window squeegees. There are some household items that you can use to pick up all the fur.
Use Dryer Sheets

Use Dryer Sheets

So if his hair gets everywhere, you can find yourself to pick off the fur from your clothes every time you leave your house. Don’t do that again. You can still remove the hair from your couch as well such as using dryer sheets. It works to pick up his hair.
To remove the dog hair, make sure that you have some dryer sheets on your hands. You can use it on the furniture, floor corners, and even around the pesky baseboards. When you keep your furniture clean and hair free, you will be amazed at how a slightly dampened dryer sheet can work effectively.

Use A Roll of Tape

It is embarrassing to know when you head out the door to go work in the morning and then you notice you go with all the hairs over you. Well, it is a common story for a pet owner. Therefore, you should keep a roll of duct tape by the door.
To do so, get a roll of packing tape in your kitchen drawer and snag his hair exclusively from furniture and clothes. It is also possible to use lint rollers.
Sweep Your Carpet Before You Vacuum

Sweep Your Carpet Before You Vacuum

It is tiring to find a ton of dog hair in your carpet. To pick up a lot of hair off the floor, you can dampen your carpet and use the rubber broom. Roll all the hair into the nice little ball. In addition, to remove some pet odors while you are using a little baking soda on the carpet, let it sit for 10 minutes and start vacuuming.
Keep in mind that you should not make the carpet is too wet because carpet cannot dry quickly. Wet carpet is the perfect place for mold and mildew. It is perfect to damp it slightly, not soak it.

Use a Dampened Mop

It works if you have hardwood floors. A dampened mop will make your job easier to pick up the pet hair. A damp mop is like a magnet. If you have hardwood floors, it is important to use a wood cleaning product and make sure you don’t leave any standing pools of water on the floor.
A damp sponge or rubber gloves are the simple way to remove hair from your furniture. Damp sponges and rubber gloves can remove the hair that sticks to the furniture.

Alternate Vacuum Directions

Go over the carpet for few times when vacuuming so you can remove more pet hair. Empty your vacuum often and check the filters.

Use a Window Squeegee

Having a dog and windows in your home means that you have a squeegee. It works to remove all the nose prints on the windows. It works to loosen up the pet hair as well. Rub it along the carpet and you will get a lot of dog hair.

Use a Rubber Broom

If your house has tile, wood or linoleum floors, it can be challenging on how to deal with the dog hair. Well, it does not a matter. You can still use one tool to solve your problem that is a rubber broom. If you get a lot of dog hair on your bathroom or kitchen floors, it is better to switch to a rubber broom so that you can pick up the loose hairs easily and quickly to save your time.

Keep Your Vacuum in Good Shape

When it is all about picking up your dog hair, your vacuum can handle most of the matter. Therefore, you should keep your vacuum in a good shape if you live with a dog. To make sure that your vacuum works properly, do some regular maintenance. For example, you can clean the filter, check the belt, and brush the roller.

A Humidifier

It is nice to have a humidifier in the winter especially if you live in the cold climates. In addition, you can use it to remove pet hair. It works not to keep your skin hydrated, but it also great to remove the loose fur easily.
So, those are all things to do when you are about cleaning your dog hair around your home. It is all about using any items around you. Since everything is possible, now you should not experience a headache and stress to deal with the dog hair.
A Humidifier