10 Really Cool Bathroom Projects Every Homeowner Needs

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Do you want to make your bathroom is more comfortable? These bathroom hacks will make your bathroom is more inviting. Therefore, once you try these hacks, we are sure that you will share it with other people around you.

1. The Spice Racks

Whether you want to make it as your DIY project from some pallets around your garage (if you have woodworking skills) or not, using spice racks are the best solution to deal with lotions and hair care products.

2. The Shower Curtain

Make your bathroom feels fresher and cleaner than before by opening the shower curtain at both ends. This will increase air circulation.

3. The Magazine Holder

Screw a magazine holder onto the back of a cabinet door to store the hairdryer.

4. The Wrinkled Clothes

Bring wrinkled clothes in while you shower.

5. The Shampoo Bottles

Use shampoo bottles to keep the shower curtain in place.

6. Coat Hooks Are Better Than Towel Rods

Use coat hooks instead of towel rods to hang shared towels.

7. The Magnetic Strips

Apply magnetic strips behind cabinet doors to hold tweezers, bobby pins, and other magnetic objects, like cosmetic brushes.

8. Add Extra Shower Curtain Rod

An extra shower curtain rod adds extra storage space.

9. Add Bookshelf

Once you install a bookshelf over the door by hanging it, you will have an extra space to store some baskets and organize your bathroom.

10. Add A Stacked Plate Holder

Do you need more space on the counter? Well, try this! We are sure that this will amaze your guests!

11. The Shaving Cream

Avoid the rust marks on your shaving cream by turning it upside down.

12. The Dry Sink

Needs a little entertainment?  Why do not use the dry sink as the excellent amplifier during your time in the bathroom?

13. The Dryer Sheets

Believe it or not that you will need dryer sheets.

14. Pumice

Want to remove the lime stains?

15. A Ziploc Bag

Place your reader in a Ziploc bag so you can read without worrying.

16. Ziploc Bag With Distilled Vinegar

17. A Drill

Drill your way to clean. Fit a scrub brush to a drill and use your favorite cleaner.

18. A Razor

19. A Magnetic Board

Organize makeup with a magnetic board.

20. The Larger Mirror

Reflect more space with a larger mirror.