10 Psychological Disorders you won’t believe actually exist

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Modern psychology is developing at a stellar pace. Every once in a while we are presented with a new research backed up by the very best psychologists from all over the world. And with human brain constantly being explored, it’s hard to imagine that there is any more mystery running its course within the reach of psychology.

But on the other hand, there are some strange, often unexplainable psychological disorders that make us think we are not even close to understanding our brains completely.

Here’s the list of 10 psychological disorders you won’t believe actually exist.

1 A walking corpse syndrome

Ever since it was discovered in 1880 by French neurologist Jules Cotard, this bizarre condition has stirred the imagination of eminent psychologists in attempts to understand it better.

So basically, people who suffer from this syndrome think of themselves as corpses. They are thinking that they are nothing but empty shells, void of blood and internal organs.

It has been speculated that this condition is somewhat connected to depression, but this theory is yet to be proven.

walking corpse syndrome

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2 Apotemnophilia Syndrome

Apotemnophilia counts as one of the most severe psychological disorders out there. People who suffer from it have this incredible desire to remove their body parts.

Not only that, but for these people, just the idea of being fully paralyzed or handicapped to some degree represent the intense feeling of excitement.

Apotemnophilia Syndrome

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3 Fregoli delusion

This mental disorder is not as deadly as previous two, but it is certainly one of the most interesting.

Fregoli delusion is a condition named after well-known Italian actor Leopoldo Fregoli who was capable of looking like a different person every time he would change his costume, which usually took seconds.

This delusion causes people who suffer from it to think that many different people are actually just one person that keeps changing his appearance. There is a great deal of paranoia even thinking about this, but psychologists suggest that Fregoli delusion is caused by some kind of brain injury or epilepsy. However, it still remains a mystery to this day.

Fregoli delusion

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4 Exploding head syndrome

Hearing imaginary voices and sounds is one thing, but exploding head syndrome takes is to the whole another level of distress. Explosions, gun shots, screaming while seeing flashing lights along the way are just some of the sounds people who suffer from this syndrome hear and experience.

To make matters even worse the condition appears as they go to sleep. So imagine the damaging consequences this psychological disorder might cause.

Exploding head syndrome

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5 Foreign Accent Syndrome

This mental disorder has perplexed psychologists ever since it was first discovered in the 1940s. It makes people speak the same language with a different accent. And that is due to some sort of stroke or head injury.

However interesting may it sound, people who suffer from this condition are not amused at all. They often report that every time they experience something like this, it seems like they’ve lost a piece of their identity.

Foreign Accent Syndrome

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6 Alice in Wonderland syndrome

Although funny in name, this condition can cause some serious distress. If people suffer from this syndrome, they see the distortions in the size of various objects. So they can easily see the car being the same size as the cat or the other way around.

The reasons for this vary. The hallucinations this syndrome is causing might derive from anything, from the mild migraines to the serious abuse of drugs.

Alice in Wonderland syndrome

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7 Boanthropy Syndrome

This condition causes people to suddenly start behaving like a cow or an ox. And they will certainly believe it because they have no problem getting down to the ground and behave like these animals – eating all the grass that stand in their way.

Interestingly enough Boanthropy dates back to the ancient times. According to the book of Daniel, it was Neo-Babylonian King Nebuchadnezzar who was driven from men and did eat grass as an ox.

Boanthropy Syndrome

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8 Aboulomania Syndrome

At first sight, there seems to be nothing wrong with sufferers of aboulomania. But when they are facing simple life choices, they are unable to make any decision because of the growing anxiety in their bodies.

Aboulomania or as psychologists like to call it, a paralysis of the will, derives from the constant need of people who suffer from it to be 100% certain in their decisions. That’s why they become paralyzed when facing more than one choice.

Aboulomania Syndrome

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9 Alien hand syndrome

Psychologists believe that the most probable reason for this condition is some kind of conflict between the left and right parts of the brain. Subsequently, the person believes that their hand is some kind of a foreign object.

It has even been reported that the hand confronts the will of its owner. It is if the arm has the mind of its own.

Alien hand syndrome

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10 Confabulation Syndrome

It is a condition where the mind of the sufferer creates false memories. A person believes in these memories so firmly, and often times would go to the great lengths just to prove that they are true and not just product of their mind.

Psychologists found that confabulation can be caused by dementia and Alzheimer, but it can also be caused by the
memory loss caused by heavy drinking.

Confabulation Syndrome