10 Mysterious Noises Scientists Cannot Explain

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We cannot explain all sounds and the source or the cause of why the sounds exist. Even though we have done many things like analyzing, testing, or scrutinizing the sounds. These things happened to our scientists. They have the theories to strengthen their arguments, but they could not provide enough proof, so they baffled. As you read here, these following sounds are still a big mystery to reveal. Up to now, scientists still wonder about how these things happen.

10. Slow Down

It was in 1997 a weird sound called the “slow down” amazed many scientists. The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration detected the sound. Also, they could not explain the source yet. Many scientists called it the slow down because of every seven minutes the frequency always slowed down.
The Equatorial Pacific Ocean autonomous hydrophone array recorded the sound. The amplitude was enough so the three sensors could get the sound range close to 2,000 km. Until today, the best theory is that it is the sound of Arctic ice that moved over the land slowly. Unfortunately, scientists had no conclusive proof to solve this mystery.

9. EVPs

It stands for “Electronic Voice Phenomenon” as the paranormal pseudoscience. It is all about capturing the disembodied voice related to the spirit world. Additionally, paranormal investigators claimed they had recorded words or conversations during their research. Usually, they recorded the sound on audiotape or digital recordings or video. So, they study the mystery sound as the audiotape or playing back the recording audio.
There is a theory called apophenia. The concept is to find the patterns or the meaning of the sound. Another possibility is pareidolia. It means we use our brain to translate the illusion into something significant.

8. Quacker

The submarine crews in the Arctic and Atlantic reported that they heard the strange noises. The noises were so similar to the sound of a frog while submerged. The sounds manifested when the submarine pass certain areas. The discovery was during the Cold War when the new technology detected the suspicious signals from the depth of the ocean.
It is hard to explain because the sound was like avoiding the submarine. It moved and then circled them. Scientists thought it was from the vessel, but the sounds then faded in 1980. Until now, there was no solid explanation.

7. Planetary Sound

It is something unusual to think that planets make a sound. On the other hands, space is vacuum so sound cannot travel through it unless radio waves, radio emissions, and others.
So, these emissions produce sounds planets and moons emit. Therefore, the Helium is like whistling. The planetary sound then altered into sound waves, so they are audible to our ear.

6. The Mysterious Howl

The sounds were from northern Canada. It was about the mysterious howls on video, and then someone uploaded it on YouTube. The sounds are from the unknown sources in the forest near the little town of Conklin, Alberta.
Another video evidence came up with the same sound but in a different location. The second video is from The Pas, Manitoba. Some stated that the sounds were like music, but others believed it was the extraterrestrial. Scientists could not find the exact answer up to now. On the other hands, more video evidence has shown from various locations such as Chicago, Glasgow, and Denmark.

5. Mistpouffers

These are the loud and unexplained sounds coming from the large bodies of water around the world from the Great Lakes to the Yellow River. You can imagine how these sound existed from America to India. The witnesses described these random sounds like thunder, with no storms.
Also, the sounds were so powerful that they produced shockwaves felt miles away. Many theories have been put forwards like pent up gas, meteorites, underwater caves collapsing, or rapidly rising air. Sadly, no extensive research could produce a credible answer to this matter.

4. One World Trade Center

The eerie and mysterious sound has been causing consternation for residents, not far from the site of the former World Trade Center. The unsettling sound seemed from the building. Pedestrians said that they could hear the sounds. The initial theory said it was the sound produced by the wind vacuum in the empty structure due to Hurricane Sandy. On the other hands, the sounds were there even though the Hurricane was over. Therefore, the sounds were still a big mystery.

3. Bloop

Bloop was the low frequency sound similar to the phenomena of slow down. The United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration discovered the mysterious sound in 1997.
The sound was unexplained with a high amplitude, and the multiple sensors detected the sound over a range of 5,000 km. Also, the sound was from the west of Chile, located about 1,750 kilometers. It means that the sound has traveled from a remote location without land. Meanwhile, the ocean depth was about 4,300 meters.
No evidence could prove the theory that it was from the largest living creatures. Likely, it was because of the massive icequake.

2. The Hum

There was a report about strange and unexplained low humming sound. No one could find the source of the low-frequency noise. The hum was also spooky since some people hear nothing at all.
Additionally, others reported that the hum was so noisier indoors that when they blocked the sound with earplugs, it was ineffective. The humming sound traveled through their body just like vibrations.

1. The Wow Signal

It was in 1977 that Dr. Jerry Ehman could detect the “wow signal”. At that time, he was working on his SETI project, that stands for Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence at Ohio State University. He had been working for this project for decades with a big hope to receive some signs of extraterrestrial contact.
After that, he got one minute of the 12-second signal. He was skeptical of the source because it could be the earth signal that reflected off of the space debris. The more he analyzed, the more difficult for him to explain it.