10 Must-Do Hikes In North Carolina In All Season

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North Carolina is the place for some tallest mountains, the home for some peaks and the site offers fun time to hike. Even though North Carolina does not offer massive and rocky picks, you will love the waterfalls, rolling hits, and unbeatable sunsets in this area. Here are some favorite hikes to enjoy the trail.

1. Summit Calloway Peak

5.946 feet in elevation makes all hikers can enjoy the stunning views of the Blue Ridge Mountains in North Carolina. It is worth to take your time to enjoy the view. Even though it can be tough to climb up, the trail is not too long.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, layers, water, permits or $6 per adult
The site is great for intermediate hikers to explore 6.6 miles of the trail in any season.

2. Looking Glass Rock

Experience the roundtrip by exploring 6.5 miles of the trail with 1,700 feet in elevation for all season. Hikers must visit the site in winter to enjoy the beautiful views of the Appalachian Mountains.
Pack list:
Camera, layers, and hiking shoes
Asides of hiking, you can still do other things like backpacking, photography, and camping.

3. The Green Knob

A beginner should take this trail as the part of their experience. It only takes 7 miles of roundtrip with 1,000 feet in elevation. After that, you will enjoy the spectacular views of the Mt. Hardy and the surrounding of Middle Prong Wilderness. If you hunt some places to capture, you should go from the mountain to the Sea Trail.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, camping equipment for overnight backpacker and photography gear
Chilling, camping, backpacking, hiking, and photography are what you can do here. Beginners should visit this area in any season.

4. The Deep Gap Trail

Explore the area and hike some of the tallest peaks located around the Appalachian Range. The big reward for you is the beautiful views of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
9 miles of hiking and 3,000 feet in elevation perhaps make the trail is more difficult but the views are much better than the Mt. Mitchell Summit trail.
Pack list:
Backpack, lots of snacks and water, a camera, and layers
Photography and hiking to this site should be done for the advanced hikers only.

5. The Sam Knob Loop

This site offers 3.2 miles of loop trail with two summits that face the East and West to give beautiful sunrises and sunsets for all hikers. Eventually, you can hike along the waterfalls and enjoy the swimming holes. The place is also great to experience the wild fishing.
Pack list:
Backpacking gear, food, bear bag or can, fishing rod for 3-4wt, camera, waterproof shoes or sandals
Asides of camping, fishing, backpacking, hiking, and photography are the best things to do here. After spending 3.2 miles of hiking, you will even not believe yourself that you are there, enjoying the views.

6. Linville Falls

If you look for a beautiful site to explore and the site is easy to access, we recommend you to take this offer. The waterfalls are easy to access especially if you are from the Blue Ridge Parkway. What you should do is to take a short walk from the Visitor Center and after that, you will find this 90-foot waterfall.
With no pack list, you will need, the 1-mile of distance and 100 feet in elevation makes the area is ideal even for a beginner to hike and to take some pictures. You can visit the site at any time of the year and enjoy the out-and-back trail.

7. Craggy Pinnacle Trail

If you wonder how to spend 30 minutes worth in your life, we think this trail is the right answer. Reach the spot for about 30 minutes if you are from downtown Asheville. After that, hang out to the downtown a day and then hike to the Craggy Pinnacle Trail to enjoy the 360-degree Mountain View.
Pack list:
Headlamp or flashlight, water, and friends
1.4 miles of distance and 300 feet in elevation can satisfy beginners to hike and chill. The area is also dog-friendly, romantic, and scenic.

8. Paradise Falls

As one of the best-hidden swimming holes in the Southeast, the trail to head to the Paradise Falls is challenging but quite short. The challenging trail is the first reason why the area is not too crowded but that is good for the true hikers. Besides, there are the deep swimming holes on the top and the bottom of the falls.
If you want to enjoy diving safely, you should go to the top of the falls and you will find another smaller swimming hole.
Pack list:
Clothes to get wet and muddy, astral, TEVAs, or other water shoes for good hikers, a bathing suit, camera, water, and snacks
We don’t even recommend beginners to visit this site, but intermediate hikers are okay. With 1.5 miles of distance, the area is great for photography, swimming, rock climbing, and hiking.

9. Catawba Falls

Take 3 miles of a roundtrip to explore the out-and-back trail to hike. The elevation gain in this spot is 465 feet to enjoy the 100-foot of the waterfall. The site is also close to Asheville and the trail is quite easy to access. Therefore, the area is worth for beginners to hike and take some pictures in any time of the years.
Pack list:
Ten essentials, good hiking shoes or boots, and camera

10. Grassy Ridge Bald

The trail makes you enjoy the endless hills with spectacular views, especially during sunrise and sunset. Besides, the trail in this site is possible to do in a day or overnight.
Pack list:
Sleeping bag, sleeping pad, hiking boots, backpack, tent, 10 essentials, stove, and water filtration
After hiking and backpacking, taking some photographs, camping and chilling will be the best activities to d here. The area is good for an intermediate hiker to reach 5.3 miles of distance and 700 feet in elevation gain. With an out-and-back trail, the area looks good to visit in any time of the year.