10 Must-Do Hikes For Beautiful Summer In Idaho

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Every year, we only have a few months of summer. We have nothing unless to create the best adventure to enjoy the days.
Idaho offers wildflower meadows, beautiful vistas, relaxing spots, hot springs, and breathtaking alpine lakes during summer. It is worth to hike and explore the Sawtooth Mountains in the middle of Idaho. After that, continue your adventure to the Panhandle and hike so you will enjoy the lush of the inland forests, the misty hike and the summit of Mesa Falls, located in eastern Idaho. Hiking in Idaho is the perfect choice for hiking in the summer.

1. Goldbug Hot Springs

Located in the South of Salmon and the North of Challis, Idaho, reach the turnoff is about 282 miles. Besides, the turn is the short dirt road with 4 miles of distance and there is a trailhead. If you see the wooden fences and the restroom, it means you are in the right location.
Start the adventure with a group of friends to spend hours and nights with the natural views. Just don’t forget to bring your camera because this place offers a breathtaking landscape.
If you want to hike, here is the pack list:
A camera, backpack, water, snacks, hiking shoes, swimwear, appropriate weather clothing
If you want to go camping, here is the pack list:
Camera, water, backpacking pack, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, tent, meals and snacks, hiking shoes, fire starting equipment, swimwear, and the right weather clothing
There are many activities to do such as chilling, camping, backpacking, hiking, and photography with a year-round place to visit for intermediate hikers.

2. Goat Lake

The hike will bring you to the largest waterfall, located in the Sawtooth Mountains. There, you will see the beautiful view of the alpine lake. The starting point of this moderate hike is from the Iron Creek Trailhead to the Goat Lake with 600 feet in elevation.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, water bottle, sunscreen, snack, and camera
The out-and-back trail at 6.8 miles is great for fitness, hiking, chilling, and photography. The trek is also great for intermediate hikers to visit in summer, autumn, and spring.

3. Johnstone Pass

The place is rare to visit with the wildflower glacial cirque. If you are from Ketchum, Idaho, then it will only take less than an hour to visit the place. You will enjoy the trail because it is easy to hake, but quite enough to burn your lungs and legs with 10,000 foot. The best reward is the view. You cannot even forget your experience of 360-degree views of the Pioneer Mountains.
For all adventurers, here is your pack list:
High clearance four-wheel drive vehicle, snacks, water, route instructions or topo map, camera
For the adventurers hiking the Johnstone Pass:
Trekking poles, extra water, and sturdy hiking shoes
Photography and hiking are the best activities to do in summer and autumn.

4. Lower Mesa Falls

The trail has a little popularity to lead all hikers to the Lower Mesa Falls. The starting point is on the dirt and the first mile is the smooth and wide trek. After a half mile, take a break, you will love the beautiful Henry’s Fork from the top of the lava field.
Pack list:
$5 cash or check for the park entry fee, Mesa Falls map, camera, water, and sturdy shoes with a rough sole
2.5 miles of distance along with 400 feet in elevation on the out-and-back trail makes this place is only good for the advanced hikers. The place is also great for hiking and photography.

5. Marshall Ridge

The hike is quite short with the incredible views of the Sawtooth Mountains. It looks always beautiful in autumn with the addition of the golden aspen trees.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, camera, and water bottle
2 miles of distance and 100 feet in elevation even is great for beginners to hike on this place.

6. Roman Nose High Mountain Lakes

Three high mountain lakes are great to spend for your hiking experience. With miles away from civilization, the location offers rocky peaks with thick forests. Fishing, hiking and enjoying the views are incredible. Pack your bag and enjoy your adventure. Other things to do are photography, camping, swimming, and fishing.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, snacks, bear spray, full tank of gas, fishing gear, and camera

7. Upper Hazard Lake

Green, wildflowers, rolling meadow, and panoramic vistas are great with two alpine lakes to enjoy. The area is a perfect choice for beginner and young trekker. Eventually, it is not a boring trip for the advanced backpackers.
If you have a plan for the day hike, here is the pack list:
Daypack, snacks, water, bathing suit, fishing rod, camera, and dog on a leash
If you have a plan for the overnight, here is the pack list:
Tent, sleeping pad or sleeping bag, layers, water filtration, bear spray, book, hammock
Best time to visit the place is in summer.

8. Pioneer Cabin Loop

Hiking to the Pioneer Cabin is the classic choice with the incredible views of the wildflowers, steady climb, and mountain views.
Pack list:
Hiking shoes, daypack, camera, water, food, trekking poles, sunscreen, and hat
2500 feet in elevation and 8.5 miles of distance are enough for hiking and photography. The place is good for intermediate hikers to visit in summer and autumn.

9. Redfish Lake to Alpine Lake

The scenic peaks, the high mountain lakes, the beautiful trail with small waterfalls and creeks are the best. Well, that is not the end. Another reward to get is the crystal clear water and the fresh air.
Pack list:
Comfortable hiking footwear, enough water for a day of adventure, swimsuit, and camera, hiking P.I.C., trail snacks, reserve TP, and enchilada for an overnight backpack

10. Prairie and Miner Lakes

This loop backpacking trip is great for two lakes and a long day to hike. Otherwise, you can make a spit for a few days. The ridge backdrops are beautiful with some great things to do such as hiking, fishing, and relaxing in the outdoor near the Sun Valley.
For a day hike, here is the pack list:
Daypack, snacks, water, bathing suit, fishing rod, camera, dog on a leash, and permit
For overnight camping, here is the list:
Tent, layers, sleeping bag or sleeping pad, water filtration, bear spray, book, and hammock
Beginner is great to visit this place, especially in the summer.