10 Most Possible Science Fiction Technologies That Will Come True

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The future is unpredictable. No one knows what is going to happen in the near future, unless if you are god or time traveler. Giving your prediction about the look in the future is totally different from guessing. There are some possibilities about what is going to happen if we are learning from the current condition. When it comes to technologies and science fiction ideas, we believe that the researchers are so optimist with everything. Nothing is impossible.

10. Cars That Can Drive Without A Driver

Google developed the computer software to make impressive research about cars that can drive 1000 miles and there was no driver to control. It went 140,000 miles with the occasional human handling, as well. On the other hands, many automotive companies have a great commitment to make their best autonomous cars. We have seen the Advanced Research Projects Agency Grand Challenge in 2004. It was about the first competition in the world to support the creators of autonomous vehicles.
Next, we have heard how Audi created a car that can climb Pikes Peak and there was no driver! It was amazing that the new technologies make you able to control the car through your thought and your eye movements.

9. Aviation From Biofuel and Seawater

It took many years for airlines to look for better and more efficient alternative ways for the fuel. Solaris was the first concern for Boeing and South African. Solaris, it is known as the tobacco plant. They worked together and recruited tobacco farms to complete their programs. After that, they did the first test flight at the beginning of 2015. The benefits are about lowering the production costs, creating more jobs, and reducing carbon emissions.
In addition, the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory has discovered the best alternative way to fuel the jets. They used a liquid hydrocarbon fuel from the endless stretch of water. At this point, they extracted both hydrogen and carbon dioxide in the water. As a result, they formulated hydrocarbons.

8. Drone Delivery

This interesting idea started when Amazon had their Amazon Prime Air. These systems increased the delivery order in 30 minutes. But, they had to deal with the regulation, especially the approval from the FAA. On the other hands, Google has been working for its Project Wing. The purpose of this project was to use air vehicles to deliver defibrillators to anyone who gets a heart attack. Amazon Prime Air concerned on the project delivery for 30 minutes and Google Project Wing expected to do delivery for a few minutes.

7. Autonomous Products For Fine-Tuning

Elliot Hedman said that there is a big possibility to see a nice product in the future. It is a device able to detect when it is becoming less efficient. It can adjust its own function to meet your taste. Well, this technology does not exist yet, but researchers are hard to give up on things.
Talking about Hedman, he is the founder of mPath, the design consultancy company. His clients are great like Google X, Lego, and Best Buy. They have been working to develop this thing.

6. A World With Human Eats Insects

Many people around the world love to eat insects. They enjoyed their dish and the amount of people is projected to increase in the near future. Based on the article in Mosaic, Emily Anthes reported her experience about insect eating. There is a recent conference done by the United Nations talked about feeding the world with insects. They argued that insects can be an effective solution to deal with protein deficit matter. Anthes did her experiments to eat insects as her “noodle” dish. She said that it was a yummy dish.
In addition, people in Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America have been enjoying the edible insects as their savory cuisine in their history. Plus, there is a nutritional value with higher protein, lower fat, and calories.
Even though for other people this concept of the future is still disgusting, we cannot deny that it is so possible. In the future, the population will be growing. On the other hands, the resources are less.

5. Health Diagnosis

It was in 2014 at Nokia Sensing X Challenge. This competition is about healthcare technology. Here, The DNA Medical Institute got the first prize, $2.25 million. What they created was a health device and that was so different from other digital fitness trackers.
It is called as rHEALTH that can check the vital signs and biomarkers. The technology is so sophisticated that NASA, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and the National Institutes of Health also offered their grants for the creator of this device. With a lot of support and funding, it is possible to see this technology soon.
What they have made was a portable diagnostic tool that can detect everything through a single drop of your blood. It can check the cell counts, vitamin D levels, protein markers, HIV, flu, and everything.

 4. The Forgetting Pill

We can remember some things in our life because of the chemical reactions in brains. But, brains can form the memory circuits with proteins as the fuel. Karim Nader found that every act of remembering can change our memories. He also discovered that protein synthesis is what we need to stabilize the memory circuits. In short, we can forget easily when there is something to block the proteins.
Furthermore, scientists have identified PKMzeta protein that can reconsolidate our memory. When we block it with a certain drug, the memory will disappear in your head. But, this is still a theory. Neuroscientists need to learn more about the proper drugs that can block certain receptors in our brain selectivity to affect specific memory, not to wipe out your childhood years.

3. The Suspended Animation

For the big fans of science fiction and medical major, they have been waiting for suspended animation. Surgeons at the University f Pittsburgh Medical Center Presbyterian Hospital have conducted the trials on a human with emergency preservation and resuscitation. They created a big success with pigs, and the next plan is doing the first trials on humans suffering from cardiac arrest due to traumatic injury.
If they can do this thing in the future, of course, it is going to be the innovative achievement in this field. They can even use this technology to bring the dead person back to life.

2. The Cyborg

The United States Military has a big ambition to bring Iron Man to life. They have been developing TALOS, Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit. The goal is to help the special ops soldiers in the battle. The wearer will be able to lift any heavy loads, to wear bulletproof, and to provide extensive information. This suit can even seal wounds as its highlight.

1. Technology For The Human Brain

Researchers have discovered the on/off switch for our brain and consciousness. Also, they have mapped the brain activity of human for the first time. Now, they are ready for the Human Connectome Project. This project is about analyzing the neurons and the networks to make your brain work.
The benefit of this technology is to find any cause and cures of neurological disorders. The finding is expected to become the best way to cure autism, schizophrenia, and others. Also, we need to know how our brain can work so we can modify it. For example, in the military, modifying the human’s brain can be the best way to increase performance.