10 Logical Ways How the Universe Would End

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Can you imagine how the universe would end? Well, talking about the universe and its end is something odd but fascinating. Would it be like ‘2012’ movie? Is it possible if the end of the universe is all about the Zombie attack, alien or something like that? If the universe were about to end, we would be wiped away. Eventually, we would not have any power to stop it. So, if you wonder how the universe could end, it is all about talking the logical ways we have seen in this time.

10. Technology And Destruction

In fact, no one heard about the idea to use nuclear weapons until August 6, 1945, human used the weapons to wipe out a city, Hiroshima. It is awful to know that a new technology we used can create massive destruction and damage the part of a human. We can call it as intelligent destruction. At this point, we as a human may create something brilliant but in the end, we destroy our life.

9. The Simulation

A theory about life that can blow your mind is that reality is like a computer simulation. This argument comes from Nick Bostrom from Oxford University. These days, we see that technology and computers are getting better and more advanced. Therefore, it is possible in a certain period that we will create the computing power. It works to create the ancestor’s simulators.
Is it logical?
The argument above is not alone. It is the same as the idea that the Universe maybe has two dimensions, not three. In addition, there is a theory saying that everything in the universe is pixilated. Perhaps, after hearing about Bostrom’s theory, you are questioning about reality. Now, there is something more than that. What if the user turned off this program?

8. The Physical Constants

Theoretically, everything in the Universe is breakable. These things can fall apart. You and other things can crack and fall to pieces just like porcelain. It is possible for stars and planets to explode when the universe is about to end.
How could things happen like this?
Physical constants are the logical answer. It is the same properties in the universe. It is all about the speed of the light, the proton, and the mass, and others. In fact, if everything in the universe has different physical constants, there will be no life.
If you assume that the physical constants should stay constant, it is wrong. Physicists in Australia found that after Big Bag, it changed the fine-structure constant. The degradation happened by the time and it is possible if it can lead to the end of the world.

7. The Universe vs. Other Universes

If we are included in this universe, what is the outside of the universe? It sounds a difficult question to answer but it is possible if we see more universes outside.
Since the universes are parallel, it is possible if a universe crashes our universe. In addition, if the theory of multiverse is right and there are unlimited universes, then there is a reality if these universes will crash to each other.

6. The Big Crunch

Most physicists believe that the universe started from the Big Bang. It was 13.8 billion years ago when the initial explosion happened and it has kept expanding. Most physicists also believe that the universe is infinite. Meanwhile, others didn’t and if this true, it can be a big problem.
If the universe is not infinite, it means that in a certain point, the universe can retract. Remember how the waves roll back into the ocean? Just like that. If this thing happens to the universe, it means that the world is about its end. This theory is popular as Big Crunch, which is supported by the general relativity theory from Einstein.

5. The Theory Of The Oscillating Universe

Everybody knows that the Big Bang Theory is all about the scientific reason about the beginning of the Universe. If we are talking about the general relativity theory from Einstein, of course, both of these theories are a little bit different in some aspects. Why so?
The Big Bang theory does not explain what was there before the Big Bang happened. Or, what caused Big Bang was. At this time, the current theory only stated that the Big Bang was about the singularity. It came from a single point, but when the physicists calculated on the Big Bang, it was not about the singularity.
Therefore, it is reasonable to say about the oscillating universe theory. The Big Bang started because of another universe has collapsed. It means, our universe is possible to collapse again just like the Big Crunch. After that, another universe would start its existence.

4. The Physical Barrier

When it comes to the universe, it is all about finite or infinite. Even though most physicists believe that the multiverse is infinite, somehow it does not match with the physics and laws. If you pour a large amount of water into the hockey rink, the water can hit the board. Here, the water will stop expanding. So, if the laws are correct, it means the universe can keep expanding so a physical barrier can stop it.
Interestingly, if there is a barrier in the universe, our universe will not hit it for about 3.7 billion years. Sadly, a physicist at UC Berkeley the chance of the barrier is quite possible.

3. The Higgs Boson

This theory was so loud in the 1960s but after that, there was no confirmation at all until July 2012. The Higgs field is everywhere in our universe with the elementary particles. These particles are not from other particles but can interact with the field and it provides energy. The Higgs field can create two states, just like the liquid or solid. So, what is the matter?
The problem is, quantum mechanics believe that these two states can create a transition. The energy can create both peaks and valleys. Well, we can say that it would never happen since it needs momentum to reach the peak and to the next valley. But, sadly, a quantum fluctuation is all about the change in energy. Once the ultra-dense Higgs field created a bubble, it could expand and cause our universe to collapse.

2. The Heat Death

This is a condition based on the second law of thermodynamics from Newton. In short, this law stated that everything in the universe can change from order to disorder. Once the disorder happened, it is difficult to control, to stop, and to reserve it. For example, food expired, people die, and metal rusts. In physic, we call it as entropy, the concept measurement of disorder. In fact, everything in the universe can stop to work at the right time just like you go vacation on your holidays.

1. The Dark Energy

The dark energy is the most mysterious energy in the universe. It is about 68.3 percent for its existence in the universe. Up to now, physicists still cannot figure out its presence. The discovery of this energy was in the 1990s. With the use of supernova surveys, astrophysicists understood that the expansion of Big Bang was speeding up. They also believed that the dark energy caused this acceleration.
The dark energy can be a real matter since it can lead to the Big Rip. Dark energy would get stronger with the large areas that keep pushing the universe. If it is getting stronger and keep pushing, our galaxies can be pushed apart from each other. Planets will be away from the stars and eliminating all the existence.