10 Homemade Recipes That Are Effective To Beat Hay Fever & Seasonal Allergies

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Summer is coming and is ready for the hay fever! I don’t hate summer but the itchy watery eyes and cold-like symptoms annoy me. Normally, I used to take over-the-counter allergy medications for a quick fix, but later I decided to live healthily by avoiding the allergens as much as I could (mostly I cannot)and then make the homemade recipes I collect bellow.

Homemade Essential Oil Blend

Essential oil always becomes our must-have item. We need it for bath, for making homemade candles and so on. I noticed the essential oil is perfect for beating seasonal allergies. I mix lavender, lemon, peppermint essential oils. Don’t forget to add the coconut oil, this functions as the carrier. What I like about this mixture is the antihistamine in Lavender. Meanwhile, the lemon will help me fight the congestion. I usually apply the oil across the back of my neck, my feet and also other areas. It works for me.
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Homemade Allergy Balm

There are a number of products we can buy actually, but I am just not sure with the chemical inside. So, I decided to make my own balm instead.
The homemade balm I use has the beeswax and essential oils that can get rid of allergy symptoms quickly. I apply the balm on the base of my nose and it can be used anytime.
The best part for this homemade balm is its safety even though you use it multiple times. Besides, applying the balm on cheeks and also temples can release the itchy and watery eyes.
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Elderberry Syrup

I usually use the elderberry for releasing cough and congestion. But this also works for the hay fever too. You can make this syrup and store in the fridge then use it whenever you want. This lasts for 3 months, so don’t worry.
During the allergy season, I use a teaspoon of elderberry syrup in the morning. It tastes nice and my family also like it.
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Homemade Allergy Drink Reliever

It is a quick fix for allergy attack during summer. You can make it in minutes by just mixing the apple cider vinegar, water, and honey. Mix these mixtures with the warm water to soothe your throat and ease the blocked nose. The apple cider vinegar contains beneficial properties which help you relieve the symptoms. Meanwhile honey can be the antioxidant.
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Homemade Nasal Saline Rinse

It is not a secret anymore that saline water is one of the most effective ways to get rid of the allergy symptoms. Even many physicians recommend it. There are a number of them. But you can make it on your own by just mixing salt and warm water. To use this saline water, inhale the mixture from your nostrils or simply use a spray bottle, then spray it in the nose.
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Herbal Nasal Sinus Wash

You can find the medicines in the kitchen actually. Just like this herbal nasal sinus wash. You will need boiling water, dried herbs including violet, chamomile, and comfrey. Add also baking soda and salt.
The combinations of the herbs will beat the blocked nose. It is due to the chamomile that is so powerful in treating the hay fever.
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Eye Wash for Redness And Also Irritation

When the allergens attack, you will experience itchiness and red eyes. This will come back over and over again during the summer months.
This D.I.Y eyewash is easy to make and it works perfectly for humans and pets too.
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DIY Stinging Nettle Infusion

Nettles are other powerful ingredients you have to try. The infusion is so simple and effective to beat the seasonal allergy. Prepare dried nettle and boiling water. Drink a little amount of this drink to relieve the symptoms the whole day. If you still have some, store it in the fridge. Don’t forget to cover it in the container so it can last for months.
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Allergy Reliever for Children

Children are prone to allergy and that’s too bad if they should take over-the-counter medicine. You can make the homemade allergy killer by mixing lavender, chamomile and cedarwood essential oils. It is perfectly safe for the little ones. Ask your kids to smell whenever the attack comes. It is safe for multiple days too.
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Herbal tea For Allergy

So, herbal teas are the easiest things to make for beating the allergy symptoms. You can add rosehips, nettle leaf, elderflower and few other herbs in the garden. Mix them like making a cup of tea.
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