10 Home Hacks To Avoid Clutter And Make You More Productive

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Experience is the best teacher. For the end of 2018, you have learned many things and to complete you, we provide you the super easy home hacks to make you better organizing and becoming more productive than ever. Of course, the main key for these things to happen is to learn more, get more knowledge. You will also need some supplies around your home. Here are the things you can do to make your home is neat and boost your productivity.

1. Organize

Clean your space and organize everything in a muffin tin slid and a desk drawer.

2. Color-Code Keys

How much does the cost of nail polish? It would never break your bank. Therefore, use it to add color to your keys. This will make your keys are easy to find.

3. Corral Chargers

Attach a binder clip to the edge of your nightstand, string your phone or tablet charger through the metal loops, and you’ll never fumble to find a charger again.

4. Add Ambiance

Whether you rent a house or stay in your own house, it is good to install a dimmer switch to create the right mood.

5. Make It Rain

Remove your boring shower head and upgrade it in an in-shower massage. It seems great to enjoy the gentle rainfall in your bathroom.

6. Makeover a Room

A fresh coat of paint or a creative washi tape design can breathe new life into your digs for a minimal investment and just a little bit of elbow grease.

7. Expand Your Space

Do you have a small room? Make it looks bigger by hanging mirrors. Mirrors are able to create an illusion and place it strategically to reflect the view from the window.

8. Download an App

You can find an app to streamline nearly every aspect of your life. Whether you want help with home repair, productivity, organization, or how to get out a stain, there’s an app for that.

9. Protect Your Tablet

Transform an old planner or comp book into a clever, stylish case for your Kindle, Nook, or iPad.

10. Hide Cords

Make all cords look hidden by hiding the power strip in the bedside table drawer